‘What Are Y’all Doing?’: Twitter Condemns Popular Podcasters After They Encourage White Supremacist Nick Fuentes to Say N-Word, Allow Black Women to ‘Twerk’ Next on Him

The “Fresh And Fit” podcast received backlash from the Black community on social media after a recent clip from its latest episode went viral because the hosts allowed Nick Fuentes, a well-known white supremacist, to say the N-word.

The popular podcasters Walter Weeks and Myron Gaines started their show in October 2020. They are known for discussing controversial topics such as modern dating, race debates, politics and other current events that are being discussed daily on social media. They have a large following of 1.14 million subscribers on YouTube.

(Left) One of the Black women kissing Nick Fuentes (Right) Walter Weeks and Myron Gaines posing for a promo picture for their podcast (Photos: @thenoto06651191/Twitter screenshot and @BenjaminPDixon/Twitter screenshot)

Fuentes appeared on the podcast’s latest episode which was released on July 8. He is a white nationalist live streamer known for his “Stop the Steal” movement that used false information to claim former President Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election. Fuentes also sought to overturn the results. He also is an outspoken advocate of deceased Italian dictator and fascist Benito Mussolini.

The hosts invited eight Black women on the podcast to help co-host as women regularly appear on the podcast, as the show welcomes an opposing view.

The group of Black women along with Weeks and Gaines, who are both Black as well, encouraged Fuentes to say the N-word after discussing a rally he missed to do the show.

“Yeah, um, Blacks love me because I am honest,” said Fuentes, chuckling.

The crew of Black people laughed, and Gaines asked, “Well how should he refer to Blacks then?”

“You don’t want to hear my second choice,” Fuentes replied, wearing a smile.

The group urged him to say his second choice, and he tried to downplay it by saying he was only joking.

A producer came over to the microphone and told Fuentes that it was fine for him to say the word.

“You want to say it……Is anyone going to hit me if I say it?” he replied.

The group continued to urge Fuentes to say the N-word, and he did just that. They all laughed and moved on to the next topic. The clip made its way to social media and Black people were not happy.

“Black women what are y’all doing?” a Twitter user wrote.

“I really hope fresh and fit gets cancelled. I hate that podcast. They are trash on there.” wrote @Emoneydabossdon.

After the podcast was filmed, some of the Black women were spotted twerking next to Fuentes and taking pictures with him.


Weeks and Gaines also were criticized for their negative viewpoints about Black women.

“I NEVER understood why after all the negative things he said about black women multiple times over and over black women still line up and go on the show.” wrote another user.

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