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‘You Are Simply Jealous’: Twitter Comes for Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro After She Says Kamala Harris’ Time In Office Proves ‘a Woman Is Incapable of Being Vice President’

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro says that Kamala Harris’ time in office is a definitive illustration that a woman is not fit to be vice president of the United States.

Alongside commentators Greg Gutfield, Dana Perino, Jesse Watters and Jessica Tarlov on the Fox News show “The Five,” the hosts spent part of the show time discussing results of new NBC polling that reveals that Harris has hit a record low for a vice president’s net favorability.

FOX News host Jeanine Pirro (left) and vice president Kamala Harris (right) (Left photo: YouTube/Fox News, Right photo: Flickr)

Pirro asserted that Harris “established the precedent that a woman is incapable of being vice president.” Gutfield deemed Harris as the “worst VP in history” and went on to say that she landed the position because of her race and gender, but those two factors aren’t indicators of “competence.”

The former judge also took Harris’ gender into account while voicing her assessment of Harris’ performance and perceptions of her character.

“This was a woman who was in a position to make it easy for other women behind her to come forward and do the job where Americans can say ‘A woman is capable of doing this,'” Pirro stated, also saying that Harris had the position “handed to her on a silver platter because she checked off all the boxes.”

Pirro also took note of Biden’s increasing age, proclaiming that Harris is “literally a heartbeat away from the presidency” as an implication that she might have to fill the position if Biden is elected again.

However, Pirro also faced her own backlash for the comments about the vice president.

“I think you are simply jealous, and it’s one of the worst character traits,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Out of this entire thread I saw 6 people that agreed with you. Tell you anything?,” wrote another tweeter.

Florida Rep. Jared Moskowitz also made an appearance on Fox News that same night to give his evaluation of Harris’ tenure in office. Moskowitz revealed that the same poll that reported the vice president’s drop in favorability also shows Biden has a 49 percent to -45 percent lead in current approval ratings over Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

“[Harris] is part of the Biden administration. That very same poll shows them as a ticket beating the Republican contender by four points,” Moskowitz said. “That’s the American people in that very same poll.”

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