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I Want My Father Who Recently Returned In My Life to Walk Me Down the Aisle, But It Could Break the Heart of My Stepfather Who’s Paying for the Wedding 

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I was ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ until the age of 8 when my parents split up. Up until that point my biological father had made it a priority to leave me with a strong impression that I was loved. I remember my father teaching me how to ride my first bike and our watching NBA games together along with taking fishing trips where he would let me wear gloves to put the worm on the hook. So when my father actually left, I was devastated.  

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Two years later, my mother met my stepfather, and he swooped down and filled my biological dad’s shoes seamlessly. My mother and stepfather got married when I was 12 years old, and I remember it being a very special day. My stepdad was notorious for taking me on daddy-daughter dates and just spending lots of quality time with me in general.

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Soon after the wedding, things with me and my biological father started to wane. He wasn’t calling as much, and I would rarely see him unless it was my birthday maybe or a major holiday. Eventually, my biological dad also remarried, had kids and moved away, and from that point on, it was out of sight out of mind. Our relationship crashed and burned and wouldn’t be rekindled until I was well into my 20s. He explained that the situation between my mother and him was too volatile, so he left to keep the peace.

My biological father had missed my undergraduate graduation, but I decided to give him another chance and invited him to my grad-school graduation. When I told my mother and stepfather, they seemed really confused as to why I would even bother. They warned me about the possibility of being disappointed and all the years he had abandoned me.

However, to everyone’s surprise, my biological dad showed up with a gift and flowers in hand. It’s been a couple of years now, and my relationship with my biological dad has grown.

But here’s the dilemma, I recently announced that I am engaged to be married. My parents and my biological father are ecstatic, but I am a bit concerned about who should walk me down the aisle.

Should it be my biological dad who was there for my formative years or my stepdad who was there to buy me my first car, teach me how to drive, talk me through heartbreak and much more?  

I am torn. I want my biological dad to walk me down the aisle, but I’m afraid it would devastate my stepdad.

My stepfather has always mentioned how wonderful it would be to walk me down the aisle one day. He’s made it crystal clear that he plans to be the one to give me away, and he doesn’t have a biological daughter of his own. What makes it harder is that he has offered to pay for my half of the wedding.

My mother thinks I am being ungrateful to even consider taking that privilege from my stepfather and my fiance doesn’t want to be involved in the drama. There’s always been a significant amount of tension between the two men because my stepfather despises my father for walking out on us and for the pain he caused my mother.

However, I am still a daddy’s little girl deep in my heart, and he wants to be here for my big day. I held on hope all those years he was gone, and I always pictured us together at my wedding.

Should I do what I want on my special day or try to preserve the relationship that my stepdad and I share?  

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