‘Holler for My Baby’: Single Mom Gets Surprise of a Lifetime When She Asks Fellow Parents to Cheer for Daughter at Elementary School Graduation Ceremony

A hilarious video of the man practicing his cheer for the child of a single parent at an elementary school graduation ceremony in Mississippi has gone viral on social media.

A woman named MJ and her husband referred to in the TikTok video as Pop Pop were asked by a single mom if they would cheer for her daughter when she went on stage to receive her diploma at the graduation ceremony. Pop Pop agreed and immediately began practicing his cheer.

Pop Pop Mississippi
A man known as Pop Pop went viral on TikTok after he cheered for a single mother’s daughter at her elementary school graduation. (Photo: @talkgerman2me / TikTok video screenshot)

The video was captioned, “My hubby is hilarious [laughing crying emoji] she don’t know who she sat by.” The video was shared on TikTok and viewed more than 2 million times.

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Another caption on the video reads, “This single mom asked my husband to cheer for her daughter when they called her name.”

The woman recording the video is heard saying, “You recruited him to holler for your baby?” 

“Yeah, because we’re a party of one,” replied the woman, whose name is Brandy. “So help this single mama out and holler for my baby. Aria Thomas, curly hair, green sweatshirt.”

As the two women talked, MJ’s husband practiced by making several excited facial expressions and muffled noises. Pop Pop even let out a high-pitched muffled cheer before he said, “I’m practicing.”

Pop Pop took his duty seriously and seemed visibly excited to cheer for little Aria as he waited for her to go on the stage. He practiced his cheer again, along with clapping and a whistle, and when the special moment arrived, the women cheered as Pop Pop leaped out of his seat and whistled with gusto.

“I didn’t even know you could do that,” said his surprised wife. “You didn’t whistle for Jade. I didn’t know you could whistle.”

TikTok viewers loved the video and commented on the man’s enthusiasm.

“Him practicing has me DYINGGG,” wrote one TikToker.

“He understood the assignment,” another user wrote.

Some were emotionally moved by the video.

“Him practicing got me in tears man,” wrote one TikToker.

“Why am I crying? this was so sweet!!” another viewer chimed in.

Brandy also wrote in the comment section that she was thankful for Pop Pop and MJ.

“Listen, I am so appreciative! I just wanted to make sure my baby felt celebrated and y’all definitely did that! It was the energy for me!” she wrote, prompting MJ to reply, “The love and energy was mutual.”

Congratulations, Jade and Aria!

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