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‘Sound Like Lucious & Quincy Here’: Fans Are In Tears After Terrence Howard Curses Profusely During His Hilarious Battle with a Huge Roach

Thank God Terrance Howard never had to fight a bug in any of his films, because, from the looks of his latest Instagram post, he’d lose. 

The “Hustle & Flow” actor took fans on a comical “saga” after he attempted to kill a water bug in his house.

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Terrance Howard has fans crying after recording his comical battle with a water bug. (Pictured: Terrence Howard at “The Best Man: The Final Chapters” red carpet premiere)

In various videos shared on his page, fans can hear Howard breathing heavily while he begs the insect to leave his home. 

“Oh that b—h jumped,” Howard fearfully screamed while recording his murdering process. 

He continued to curse at the water bug, saying, “F–k you,” before threatening to kill it. 

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During one particular video, which he captioned, “The Mississippi Roach sagas,” Howard can be heard laughing hysterically while looking for his opponent. 

“What the f–k am I looking at, nothing? Oh is that b–h on the ceiling,” he said. “Chill out n–a, where the f–k you come from?” 

He continued spewing out foul language while talking to the insect. He said, “Oh h–l no n—g, that ain’t cool man. You ain’t gonna die? You ain’t gonna like that s–t, n–a, I’m scared now!” 

Despite Howard’s multiple attempts to end the tiny intruder’s life, the insect continued to outsmart him by bouncing to different spots in his home. None of his videos have a complete ending, therefore, fans are unsure how the water bug battle ended. 

The Neighborhood Talk shared one of Howard’s videos on its Instagram page, where commenters sympathized with his frightened behavior. 

“And it’s flying? Ain’t no sleep! It gotta go IMMEDIATELY!”

“Throw the whole house away mayne.” 

A few fans even jokingly attached his real-life situation to previous fictional characters he’s played in movies or in series. 

“He sound like lucious & Quincy here a little.” 

“Definitely Quincy,” a user wrote in response to the above comment.

In 1999, Howard played the role of the sarcastic businessman, Quentin “Quincy” Spivey, in the now-classic film “The Best Man.” Since the original film, a sequel has been released, titled “The Best Man Holiday,” followed by a mini-series on Peacock titled “The Best Man: The Final Chapters.”

Nearly two decades after his portrayal of Quincy, fans were introduced to his role as Lucious Lyon in Lee Daniels’ “Empire” drama series.

Throughout the show’s six-season run, Lucious proved to be a ruthless CEO who would stop at nothing to maintain his family’s business and his legacy. 

Fans say these two roles are some of his most iconic yet. The Chicago native hasn’t done any projects since the Peacock original series, but his next film, “Shirley,” a biopic about Shirley Chisholm, the nation’s first Black Congresswoman, is currently in post-production, according to IMBD.

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