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‘Stop Lying…Get That ‘Click Bait’ Out’cha Mouth’: Ice Cube Claps Back After Twitter Report Claims He Told Black People to Vote for Republicans, Defends Meeting with Trump Campaign In 2020

Rapper Ice Cube clapped back on social media after a Twitter user claimed he told Black people to vote for Republicans.

The 53-year-old artist responded after the Leading Report Twitter account claimed the “Check Yo Self” rapper told Black Americans to ditch the Democratic Party.

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Actor/rapper Ice Cube arrived at the 2016 American Black Film Festival Awards Gala (Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage)

“BREAKING: Hollywood star Ice Cube says black Americans should ditch the Democrat Party,” read the post, which has been viewed more than 3 million times.

The post was shared by John C. Varner III on Twitter, who added a caption accusing the recording artist of telling Black people to vote for Republicans.

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“Ice Cube only shows up every four years to tell Black people to vote for Republicans who are openly suppressing the Black vote, whitewashing/banning Black History, & killing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs that support Black folks. Hard pass!”

Ice Cube responded that he never told anyone who to vote for at all.

“I never told yo’ Black ass who to vote for, so stop lying and get that ‘click bait’ out’cha mouth.”

Varner replied with another post asking Ice Cube why he didn’t have the same smoke for Trump as he did for liberals.

“Telling Black folks ditch to the Democrat Party is telling people who to vote for. We currently have a TWO party system. No problem holding Democrats accountable but you got no smoke for Trump, MAGA and Republican party. Wonder why.”

The rapper did meet with the Trump campaign back in 2020 to promote Ice Cube’s Contract with Black America, a set of mainly governmental policy proposals he billed as a plan to help achieve racial and economic justice for Black Americans. The Grammy-winning artist claimed he also met with the Democrats. However, when he appeared on the “Full Send Podcast” on May 19, Ice Cube said that he didn’t support either party.

“I never supported Trump or Biden. I never asked to speak to the Republicans or the Democrats,” he said. “I created a document called ‘The Contract with Black America’ that spelled out a lot of different issues that we believe were the reasons why there was so much unrest after George Floyd was killed.”

The rapper went on to say that he met with Trump and the Democrats about the initiative.

“I released the document, and everybody wanted to talk to me,” he continued. “The Republicans asked to talk to me and the Democrats. I went to talk to both of them about the contract. The Republicans asked could they implement some things from the contract into their proposal, and I said the document was open for anybody to use in any way they desire.”

Ice Cube added that the Democrats claimed to be on board but told him they would talk after the election.

“I met with the Democrats. The Democrats said, ‘We like 90 percent of what’s in there, and we’ll talk to you after the election about it.’ And I said ‘OK,’ and I felt like, after that, everybody started to pile on and say that I was for Trump and I was for this and I was for that. It’s not true.”

The artist went on to say that it’s important to talk to whoever’s in power to get results even if you don’t agree with them. He also claimed that Black Americans have voted with Democrats for years without results.

“Black people have supported Democrats, you know, overwhelmingly for 50 or 60 years, and nothing has changed. So, somethings gotta change.”

The “Straight Outta Compton” artist also said back in 2022 that the Democrats haven’t reached out since winning the election and that by engaging with both sides, he was putting them on notice.

Actor Wendell Pierce noted what the Democratic Party has done for Black Americans.

“Ice Cube has the right to ask what the Democrats have done for the Black community,” he wrote before going on to name several. “Civil Right Act, Voting Rights Act, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Obamacare, Economic Empowerment Zones, Community Development Legislation creating Community Banking to combats red lining.”

Pierce ended his post by noting that the Democrats’ support of charter schools is “abhorrent” and he did not agree with everything the party does.

“And before you think I rubber stamp everything the Democrats do, I think their support of charter schools is abhorrent. As a New Orleanian, the charter school system there is criminal and corrupt. It’s failing our youth and raiding our education fund to enrich corporations.”

The actor added that many systems currently in place “must be dismantled.”

Pierce also wrote, “Ice Cube should never lose the ability to question and challenge political parties. As you question, bring answers.”

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