‘Take Us to Vermont’: Shonda Rhimes Hints at Reviving Olivia Pope’s Character In New Project, Fans Plead for Closure In Her ‘Scandal’ Storyline

Shonda Rhimes is open to exploring a new future for the enigmatic D.C. fixer Olivia Pope.

The character played by actress Kerry Washington was the star of Rhimes’ political drama “Scandal.” The ABC series ended its seven-season run in 2018, but Pope is still a fan-favorite amongst many.

Shonda Rhimes and “Scandal” actors Tony Goldwynnad Kerry Washington. (Photo: @shondarhimes/Instagram, @kerrywashington/Instagram)

“I like that character so much, even when she was bad,” Rhimes told ImDb in a recent interview when asked which character she would revive for a present or future project.

“I like that character so much, she’s very interesting,” added the show’s creator. The Shondaland production company founder tied up all of the “Scandal” storylines except for one when its series finale aired five years ago.

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Throughout the 124 episodes, audiences watched as Pope grappled with her steamy love affair with President Fitzgerald Grant, played by actor Tony Goldwyn, and their dream of escaping to Vermont, where they would make jam and live happily ever after.

In the end, Rhimes left everyone to come up with their own version of the happy ending. The two lovers’ final scene saw them reunite outside of the White House with their signature “hi.” Another scene that plays right before the credits reveals a portrait of Olivia Pope hanging among those of other dignitaries in the National Portrait Gallery.

Washington, who became the first Black actress to lead a network drama since Diahann Carroll in NBC’s “Julia (1968-1971), has not closed the chapter on donning her white hat for good either.

“It would be very hard to say no to the opportunity to work with these people again,” said Washington on reprising the history-making role in 2020.

“I don’t even want to say it was lightning in a bottle because … we still spend time together. We all really love each other.”

Washington, along with several of her “Scandal” cast mates, virtually reunited for an appearance on the livestreamed talk show “Stars in the House” to raise $40,000 for COVID-19 relief funds.

Over the years, the “UnPrisoned” co-lead has shared birthday shoutouts and photos with her “Scandal” family. Most recently, she shared selfies with her former on-screen flame, Goldwyn, to mark his 63rd birthday.

“I told @tonygoldwyn that #Olitz is trending on TikTok for his birthday. He’s clearly VERY excited (swipe to see). HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!!!! Love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! XOXOXOXOXO #ScandalFam,” she wrote in the caption that accompanied images of the chummy pals.

Giddy fans excitedly commented:

“We want Vermont!!! #olitz @shondarhimes please bring Scandal back!”

“Happy birthday Mr. president. I still think you should have gone to the sunset #teamjake.”

“Y’all need a spin off. I’m waiting patiently @shondarhimes we what #Olitz back.”

“I’m crying Take us to Vermont.”

“This is why Scandal has us in a forever chokehold! Make us a movie already lol.”

Goldwyn unabashedly revealed to People that his version of the fictional couple’s post-Oval Office life sees them together as a power couple. Alas, only the formidable television writer knows what the future would have had in store for them.

Rhimes has found continued success in her entertainment endeavors, which include the long-running medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” which wrapped its 19th season on May 18. Rhimes is also behind the über-successful Netflix series “Bridgerton” and its recent spinoff, “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.”

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