‘Huge Surprise’: Fox Political Commentator Tomi Lahren Dragged for Calling White Supremacy a ‘Boogeyman’ That Is Used to ‘Fire Up’ the Masses

Political commentator and MAGA fanatic Tomi Lahren claims Democrats manufactured a white supremacy “boogeyman” following President Joe Biden’s speech at Howard University on May 13.

Biden was on hand to give the commencement speech at Howard as well as receive an honorary degree from the university, according to the Washington Post. The president called white supremacy “the most dangerous terrorist threat” to America during his commencement speech.

Tomi Lahren
Tomi Lahren claims liberals invented the threat of white supremacy. (Photo: Sarah Burris / YouTube screenshot)

Biden also spoke on the country’s history of slavery and the reality of racism’s effect on the nation.

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“I don’t have to tell you that progress towards justice often meets ferocious pushback from the oldest and most sinister of forces,” said Biden. “That’s because hate never goes away.”

“We know that American history has not always been a fairy tale,” he continued. “From the start, it’s been a constant push-and-pull for more than 240 years between the best of us — the American ideal that we’re all created equal — and the worst of us — the harsh reality that racism has long torn us apart. It’s a battle that’s never really over.”

Biden was accused of stoking conflict following the speech by conservatives. Republican National Committee researcher Jake Schneider posted a tweet along with video footage of Biden’s speech with the caption, “Nobody stokes more division than Joe Biden,” wrote Schneider.

During “The Big Sunday Show” on Fox News on May 14, Lahren also accused Biden and liberals of manufacturing the threat of white supremacy to “fire people up.”

“Biden, his entire administration, Democrats as a whole, have been able to use this ultra MAGA white supremacist threats to democracy,” said Lahren. “They’ve been able to use this. It’s no coincidence they echo this every time they get a chance because they want those independents, those Democrats and especially those liberal voters to actually believe the biggest threat we face is white supremacy because they can’t really solve that. Right? You can solve the border crisis. That’s solvable,” she said.

“Donald Trump did it! You can solve national security to an extent. You can’t solve this boogeyman called white supremacy, and that’s why they continue to echo it because they don’t actually have to do anything,” she continued. “They just get to fire people up and make people feel like oppressors and victims, and it’s a talking point that unfortunately has been very effective, so they’re going to keep using it.”

Social media users reacted to Lahren’s comments on Twitter and YouTube.

“Who’s trying to make #ShrillBarbie look like Kimberley Guilfoyle!?!?”

After one user claimed that Lahren was correct, another user replied that right-wingers wanted to ignore white supremacy because it made conservatives look bad.

“No, she is not You RWers want to shove this problem under the rug because it makes your side look bad.”

“White Supremacy Barbie doesn’t see American racism?? Huge surprise,” noted one.

Lahren’s co-host Joey Jones disagreed with his colleague and noted that white supremacy is not something good.

“White supremacy is not a good thing,” he said. “I’m all for attacking where it exists.”

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