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‘Karma Dealt with It So That I Didn’t Have to’: Todd Chrisley’s Ex-Daughter-In-Law Responds After Leaked Voicemail of Alleged ‘Bullying’ She Endured from the Imprisoned Reality Star

The former daughter-in-law of “Chrisley Knows Best” star Todd Chrisley is speaking out about the mistreatment she endured from the 53-year-old.

Alexus “Lexi” Whilby was married to Chrisley’s son, Kyle Chrisley, from 2014-2018, though he has been estranged from his parents for some time. She has accused the disgraced reality star of being “racist” and detailed a history of bullying in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Todd Chrisley, who is currently serving a 12-year sentence for fraud and tax evasion, shared a series of tweets about the 31-year-old years ago in what appears to be a string of rants. In 2015, he allegedly referred to her as a “fame seeking whore.”

Alexus Whilby Todd Chrisley
Alexus Whilby and Todd Chrisley. (Photos: @Alexus Whilby/Facebook; @toddchrisley/Instagram)

According to the outlet, the television personality also left Whilby a voicemail two years after he learned that she supposedly had cooperated with the Georgia Department of Revenue. She had already been divorced from Kyle, but his family was under investigation at the time this took place.

On the voicemail, Chrisley can be heard threatening his Black daughter-in-law and accusing her of lying about her purported $100 million trust fund. He began by saying that he had proof that she called the government and complained that they weren’t providing her with protection.

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“I have an email Alexus where you are sending an email to Katie telling her that had you known that they would not protect you and your other partners in crime that you would have never done this — and that you need protection,” said Chrisley.

“No, darling, you don’t need protection. You need an attorney. Call your brothers,” he continued. “Find out about that trust that you’ve got that’s got that $100 million in it, because I’m coming to get my part of it.” 

In 2017, Chrisley adopted Kyle’s 10-year-old daughter, Chloe, with his ex-girlfriend Angela Johnson. Kyle does not have children with Whilby. But her Instagram bio states that she is “mommy” — possibly to a girl due to the pink hearts emoji.

She told the outlet that it was sad to hear the grandfather of a Black child speak about her in that manner.

“To see a grown man and public figure, who is the grandfather to a beautiful Black child say those horrible things was shocking. I endured the bullying comments for years in silence, but karma dealt with it so that I didn’t have to,” she explained.

While they were married, Kyle reportedly told the government that his father had “offshore accounts” to hide money so he didn’t have to pay taxes.

In a since-deleted tweet from December 2014, Chrisley accused his Black daughter-in-law of trying to “extort” him for $20,000. He alleges she threatend to expose his family for being “racist.” He claims he kept the money, but Whilby insists it never happened.

In another explosive rant on Twitter in 2015, Chrisley engaged in a back and forth with three other tagged Twitter pages. Those pages allegedly belong to Chrisley, said Whilby, who claims he created issues throughout her entire marriage to Kyle.

One tweet said, “@mikeymccutey1 @BlaireHanks @LukeCombsMusic Alexus Whilby stop being silly u fame seeking whore.. U can’t count high enough to reach me.”

In a second tweet, Chrisley said, “@mikeymccutey1 @BlaireHanks @LukeCombsMusic bye you tired a— weave wearing ashy skinned HO, u r blocked now, We are bored with pity for u.”

Following a fight with his father, Kyle left his family’s reality show, “Chrisley Knows Best” after just one season. At the time, he described Todd as “toxic” and called him a “snake” during an interview with the Daily Mail.

Todd Chrisley was sentenced to prison plus 16 months of probation last November for bank fraud, wire fraud, and tax evasion. His wife Julie Chrisley was also convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison plus 16 months of probation.

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