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‘She Went for Blood’: Teacher Who Fought Student Over Cell Phone In Viral Video Reveals Bruises and Hair Loss, Vows to Never Teach Again as She Faces Charges

The North Carolina substitute teacher who went viral for fighting a high-school student over a cell phone that she confiscated from her has turned to social media to give her side of the story.

Xaviera Steele and the student she fought both have been charged with simple assault, according to ABC11 Eyewitness News. The incident took place during the morning of Monday, April 17 at Rocky Mount High School in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Left: Xaviera Steele takes a selfie in a classroom; Right: Fight between Steele and student (Photos: Screenshots from @KeenanWRAL Twitter account)

Steele gave a heartfelt message and posted the videos on social media. She started off the videos by thanking everyone that supported her and gave her background working with children.

“I’ve been working with the young people for 22 years. I started off in high school tutoring young folks. In elementary, I taught dance, cheerleading, drill team. I’ve taught Sunday school … praise and worship dance.” She added that she’s provided “office support in the school district” before saying, “and now I’m here as a substitute teacher.”

“In all of my 22 years, never have I’ve ever experienced what I’ve experienced this Monday. I’ve never been attacked by young folks. I love young people; this is why I work with them. I have a heart for them,” said Steele. “That young lady attacked me, and she went for blood.” She went on to say that the student ripped off an “inch of my hairline.”

She continued by showing the hair the student pulled off the side of her head. Steele also said that someone made a fake page of her that said she stated “f*** the kids and f*** the job.”

“It was never f*** the kids because our kids are our future. But imma tell you this, she was in my space. She was behind the desk. I followed protocol for whoever said that I touched her first. And I tried to call for an administrator or somebody at the office,” said Steele in her Instagram video.

Steele also went on to explain incidents she said had taken place in the school within about a month’s time. She explained that two teachers were knocked unconscious by kicks from other students and another teacher had a gun pulled on her.

“As much as I love the kids, I cannot put my life or my livelihood in danger, anymore. I will be saying goodbye to this profession. I went to school three times for real estate. Oh yes, I’m being faced with charges as well, as well, behind this,” said Steele.

She continued, “If I get a charge on my record, there goes my career again … I have four children. My children would never. You best believe I raised my kids right. They would never disrespect authority of any kind or an adult. They know to come to me.”

She finished her video by thanking everyone who sent donations to a GoFundMe page that her husband started. Steele also expressed that so many people are leaving the teaching profession and she encouraged parents to spend time with their children.

“Please raise your children, spend time with them, and love on them. Teach them right from wrong and teach them to respect authority. If you want to keep a job or go into these professional places then you have to follow protocol,” she said.

Steele’s husband also showed his support for his wife in a video he posted, saying “nobody died” and that “this time,” no one was “seriously injured.”

Steele reportedly was employed with the Nash County Public School System for almost a year. The incident also shed more light on the bill that North Carolina lawmakers are considering that would enforce stricter penalties for assaults on school professionals, according to ABC11 Eyewitness News.

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