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‘She Deserved Every Part of That Lesson’: Student Takes Swing at Substitute Teacher After Her Phone Is Confiscated, Leading to Fight, Police Investigation

Police in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and Nash County Public Schools are investigating a fight over a cellphone between a substitute teacher and a student at Rocky Mount High School on Monday morning.

A substitute teacher police have identified as Xaviera Steele was recorded by another student in the classroom fighting a teenage girl in a video that went viral online.

Left Photo: Substitute teacher and student getting ready to fight in a classroom; Right Photo: Front of Rocky Mount High School (Photos: Screenshot from a viral video on Twitter & WRAL News Youtube channel)

In the video, the teenager went behind Steele’s desk to confront her about why she was the only student who didn’t get back her cellphone, which had been confiscated by Steele. The verbal altercation led to the student taking a swing at Steele, and then the two begin to exchange punches before tussling on the floor.

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According to WRAL News, Nash County Public Schools said the fight occurred at the end of first period.

“Why does the rules not apply to everybody else?” said the student in the video. “That’s my phone.”

Steele responded, “It does apply to everybody.”

The student proceeded to reach for the phone that Steele was holding in her hand. The teacher was attempting to call the front office for help with the situation.

“Don’t touch me. Girl, don’t touch me,” said Steele in the video. She tries to push the student away and the student took a swing at her.

As the two went to the ground, Steele got on top of the student. She then restrained the student by putting her knee into her back and holding her arms down.

Steele then repeatedly yelled to the other students, “Somebody get a f*****g teacher, get a f*****g teacher.”

“Get off of me,” the student screamed loudly at the end of the video.

The substitute teacher has reportedly been with the school district for approximately a year. As of Monday, no charges had been filed against the teacher, according to WRAL News.

According to reports, NCPS policy states, “If an employee is attacked by a student, the employee has the right to reasonably restrain the student and defend themselves to the point that they are free of the threat or attack.”

The cellphone policy states that “administrators may authorize individual students to use wireless communication devices for personal purposes when there is a reasonable need for such communication.”

Bettie Atcherson, another substitute teacher, spoke with WRAL News about how she handles tense classroom situations with students.

“As the adult, you have to contain yourself and not let them take you that far,” Atcherson said to WRAL News. “If you’re kind to kids, even the toughest kids if you’re kind to them and show that you love them, are concerned about their well-being. … Nine times of 10, you won’t have a lot of problems. But there are always exceptions.”

Reactions on social media were split. Some people were in support of the teacher, and others were in support of the student.

“That girl took the first swing. She deserved every part of that lesson. The teacher understood the assignment,” wrote Vic DeGrammont.

Another user wrote, “The girl was wrong, but the teacher escalated the situation too quickly. She’s supposed to be the adult in the classroom.”

No further updates were released by the school district or local police.

What people are saying

42 thoughts on “‘She Deserved Every Part of That Lesson’: Student Takes Swing at Substitute Teacher After Her Phone Is Confiscated, Leading to Fight, Police Investigation

  1. The student deserved what she got. You should never get tothe point of a kid swinging on a teacher. There us no respect in these schools tiday. My teacher the principal and my momma would have beat my butt good. These behaviors begin in the home. Let one swing on me she/he wiuld have gotten the same thing believe thattt!

  2. Did someone ever get a teacher?

  3. Kevin Pugh says:

    This shows a definite lack of parenting, respect is SUPPOSED to be learned at home. I feel the teacher could have handled the situation better, I know kids can get on your nerves, but we are the adults and we should be in the place of de-escalating situations such as this.
    Parents need to be parents and not trying to be friends with their kids.

  4. Jacquie says:

    After watching the video I side with the teacher. The student was in the wrong 100% and the student got exactly what she deserved

  5. DJP says:

    Oh well, the girl put herself in an adult’s position. She had it coming…

  6. I think the teacher was wrong! She was punching the student not restraining her at first!

  7. Black says:

    At the end of the day the student got what she deserve and if it was one of y’all and they swung at you.yall would have reacted the same and as old people say if your big enough to give a lick then your big enough to receive one so the teacher was not wrong the student played bad and got a bad ass whipping and now her parents need to beat that ass too for embarrassing them with that kind of behavior in school she shouldn’t have the phone out in the first place she is there to learn. Not be on a phone

  8. Kim Thompson says:

    I think the teacher was wrong. She could have restrained the student without beating her up, I think that was unnecessary roughness. And the fact that the teacher allowed her bare bottom to be exposed was very unprofessional. She new male students were going to be watching and vide taping. I think she started that fight with that girl on purpose because she knew she could beat her and wanted that opportunity to show her butt to those boys in her class, because is it a coincidence that the day she happens to get into an altercation is the day she decides to wear no underwear and a dress ?

  9. Ophelia Clines says:

    I am sorry,but the teacher has the right to defend herself. The kids of today have no respect for their parents so therefore they will not have respect for anyone else,and in some cases teacher’s can be a problem also by disrespect ing the students. We need bring prayer’s back into the classroom and that’s my opinion. May Yahweh grant each and everyone involved mercy and grace.

  10. Jamie Adams says:

    I think when it come to black people they are always in a life or death situation if they are at the wrong place at the wrong time .If you try to do right you have a better chance at avoiding putting yourself in these situations. God help us us we have to live right and there are rules in life . God is going to do his part so we must also.Jesus is our answer.

  11. Teresa says:

    I think teachers today need to be taught moves to subdue a student and all need monitor buttons as officers have

    If you can lock me out at least have 360 cameras in the rooms

    That would prevent a lot of this students have relationships with teachers etc

    Videos need to be displayed during every incident

    This would restrict/deter teachers from discrepancy in discipline as in unfair discipline

    This would allow parents to see how their children behave to stop supporting negative behavior snd reinforcing it. When your child is wrong set a standard and clear boundary.

    If the child is right as some teachers are young use improper body language tone and words and have slick tongues so then yes accountability should be displayed

    Then use a collaborative panel of judges, lawyers, advocates, educators, disciplinary principals, alternative programs, to ensure the child learns from behaviors, parents are held accountable, and time off work to drive ideas home where they belong.

  12. Teresa says:

    I think teachers today need to be taught moves to subdue a student and all need monitor buttons as officers have

    If you can lock me out at least have 360 cameras in the rooms

    That would prevent a lot of this students have relationships with teachers etc

    Videos need to be displayed during every incident

    This would restrict/deter teachers from discrepancy in discipline as in unfair discipline

    This would allow parents to see how their children behave to stop supporting negative behavior snd reinforcing it. When your child is wrong set a standard and clear boundary.

    If the child is right as some teachers are young use improper body language tone and words and have slick tongues so then yes accountability should be displayed

    Then use a collaborative panel of judges, lawyers, advocates, educators, behavioral specialist, disciplinary principals, alternative programs, to ensure the child learns from behaviors, parents are held accountable, and time off work to drive ideas home where they belong.

  13. Kela says:

    The teacher could’ve have handled that better then that. Before that girl swung on her, she was pushing the girl so that provoke her to swing on her. I feel like she should have to deal with the consequences too

  14. Tara says:

    Just my personal opinion if people say the teacher is wrong that just shows how people dont care about the school system. You basically saying if she the adult she should just take shit from the students. But this the same under paid people trying to provide education for this student and this is the respect that they are getting. They could all just walk out and say bump the school system them who going to support these kids and educate these kids then. She aint wronG for nothing she did

  15. Mrjrizzle says:

    The student is at fault. #1 If she hadnt had her phone out in class , this wouldnt have happened. The teacher was defending herself. #2 She shouldnt have never become argumentative and approached the teacher to get phone back. #3 Swinging on the teacher first was a big mistake. The teacher had EVERY right to defend herself. The teacher was also doing her job by teaching the student that a child needs to stay in a childs place and respect your elders.

  16. June says:

    As a former teacher, glad that I don’t teach anymore. I am good with being a tour guide.

  17. Kentucky says:

    Let’s not judge but what would you do to make the situation better. We are surrounded by laws, rules and look how we treat them when you’re the judge? Privileged.,Wealth, Racism, Bias ,Favoritism will always destroy life lessons. I hope it’s one for them both. The teacher it’s a difficult career clearly not sign up to be hit/fight kids and kid understand why are you in school not about phone but about books and learning about becoming the best person you can become in your life and teachers helps all of us learn that. Bless

  18. Ohio says:

    The student asked for her shit, and the teacher gave her her shit or made her shit! Either way great job teacher!

  19. Juanita King says:

    The teacher clearly pushed this girl first not saying the girl waa right but the teacher was wrong as well. As a parent a teacher u have to set boundaries I feel this could have been handled differently.. I feel they both should be held accountable. The school needs to inforce the dress code as well. the school board needs to be involved. Period

  20. Laura HAYMER says:

    The video show what happen the little girl was wrong for even walking up on the teacher as she was trying to call someone to get another teacher in there. I don’t know what goes on in her household but this girl was very disrespectful by being the teachers space and saying she was gonna get her phone back I guess buy any means necessary to show her friends she how tough she was. The teacher had to defend herself the little girl didn’t leave her any choice and once she had her where she couldnt move she asked the kids to get help but she had to subdue her to keep this little girl from hurting her and I don’t think she wanted to hurt the girl but the little girl left her no choice . The parents needed to get control of their kids because a lot of teachers are gonna quit no teacher should have to deal with this 😒

  21. VJ says:

    Kim Thompson (comment #8)so you really think that this lady sat up and thought “hey I wanna show my a$$ to the boys in my class AND the world… So, I’m gonna take a certain girls phone, hope she gets angry, gets in my face so I can push her back… Hopefully she swings on me, so i can risk my job AND my freedom just so I can take her to the ground and show these boys and the world my a$$! Lol that’s the conclusion your adult brain came up with lol??
    The girl shouldn’t have had her phone out, shouldn’t have gotten in the lady’s face and shouldn’t have swung on her. The “big bad” girl asked for all that she got. We’ll see if she gets in another grown woman’s face like that. Kids need to stay kids and stop tryna be grown before their time.

  22. Deborah says:

    The article is published in Germany. The people are shocked. A teacher who sitting and hitting on a student’s back, that’s impossible. The same situation here, teachers would be dismissed

  23. Zara says:

    I think that both of them are wrong, yes even if the teen was disrespectful but the teacher is the adult in the classroom and is supposed to act like one

  24. Kim Thompson you sound fucking the fuck she knew she was going to fight a student that day an wanted the boys to see her ass. Dummy go get a clue

  25. RUTH RAWLINGS says:

    That girl deserved that ass whipping bet she will respect teachers an authority stupid games get stupid prize’s

  26. Phyllis Hudson says:

    The student kept trying to get the phone. She’s in the teachers space/face. The teacher pushed her away, not shoved, big difference. Then when the girl swung at the teacher that is truly defending yourself from attack. It’s not like she was an itty bitty girl, she was big enough to throw a punch, then she’s big enough to get one back. Parenting may or may not be good but apparently this girl thinks she can do what she wants in school and has no respect for other adults/teachers. The situation escalated so quickly the teacher didn’t have time to do much but defend herself. Those out there that say teacher should be fired you go and try to teach that little hellion who thinks she can do whatever she wants! She want to whoop somebody and got shown what a whooping is. Try to act like an adult but you don’t have a clue, she ha a little bit of one now. As a teacher in these situations you must stand up for yourself or you won’t get any respect from the other students. Stupid actions get results your not likely to be satisfied with. Parents train your children early on how to interact with any adult/teacher. In my day, my but would have whooped by the teacher and my parents for being disrespectful and embarrassing them. I pray the school board sticks up for the teacher and disciplines the child. Hopefully, the parents have been teaching the correct things but the child chose to do the wrong thing trying to be big and bad infront of their piers. This doesn’t always work. A-grade for teacher after subduing student calling for assistance. I’ll tell you now there will never be a child swinging on me and not get their but beat! ❤️, peace ☮️ and prayer and repentance works for those who believe! Amen

  27. Success says:

    That student needed someone to stand up to her. She felt comfortable attacking the teacher because she’s thinking that because she’s a student she is untouchable. I can’t blame the teacher. It’s tough dealing with some students no matter how much love you have for them.

  28. Carla Williams says:

    The little wench got what she deserved 💯

  29. Andrea says:

    Clearly the teacher defended herself. These kids are out of control some of these parents are scared of their own children, that’s why that student felt so comfortable walking up on that teacher? When they show off they need their asses whipped. She crossed boundaries so she got what she deserved. POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!!!!!!

  30. Darren says:

    pay close attention to the video at one point the teacher goes on defense against the student after the student reaches for her phone back. being a substitute teacher at that point the stand in teacher should have instructed the students to go get a teacher to mediate the situation from there on keeping a barrier between the student and the teacher the student would have swung either way but with the safe distance and making use of a useful technique “hands up one foot forward one foot back moving away from the outraged student and screaming for help help student is attacking me help help student is attacking in a shuffling motion away from danger this is called the saftey shuffle

  31. IASIA GREEN says:


  32. Ann Jackson says:

    The student was absolutely wrong. I would have gave her the cellphone with a hall pass to go the office because she had the cellphone out during class and that’s not allowed. Maybe that would have work don’t know. If necessary I would have got another teacher involved went to the office myself explain situation. I just would have not got physical. The teacher outfit was also absolutely wrong but hell who plans on fighting a student and the underwear shows. REALLY BAD SITUATION!!! ANOTHER REASON NO ONE WANTS TO BE A TEACHER!!!

  33. Otto Grimsley a.k.a MASTUHOSCG8845ISCOOL says:

    Now that I have seen this video, I think the little girl was in the wrong for trying to put her hands on the teacher all over a phone of hers being confiscated. It was also sad that the teacher had to resort to physical violence in order to defend herself but it was justified being so that before the physical altercation, she (the teacher) was really getting to the classroom telephone to have another teacher assist her into mediating the situation but she (that little girl) invaded her (the teacher) space & tried to reach out to get the device back. I know that there are times when teachers do horrible things to students & they (the teachers) get consequences for their actions but in scenarios like this when they (the teachers) are getting assaulted & defending themselves against students, there’s barely any for them (the students).

  34. Dinese says:

    As a retired teacher, I look at myself being in that situation, I probably would have ran out room to get help, but who knows. These children today ate taught no respect for adults especially teachers. Sometimes you just cant take any more and you loose your cool without thinking. That child has severe mental issyand it is only going to get worse if nothing is done to the child like put her in a special school.

  35. Shel says:

    This makes sense because putting yourself in others shoes everybody is taught be their parents certain things. First, don’t you let nobody touch you if they do you whip they behind. Second school is important and you have to get your education that is your number on job. Third thing you taught is don’t you dare go out there and act a fool with dem ppl or imma make you sorry. On top of that she put herself in danger cause she clearly can’t fight and that lady could’ve beat her tail to a pope while the ppl she tried to impress laugh and ain’t help or stop it.

  36. Demver says:

    It’s easy to text about this situation when this doesn’t involve you. The kids today have no respect for adults. We don’t know what we would have done, if that was us. We have to pray for the teachers and the children. Let us remember what happened to the teacher that got shot by a kid. That teacher done the right thing by protecting herself. Didn’t have time to complete her attempt to make the call. Just think about yourself in that situation. The parent said her child was wrong. Enough said, end of story

  37. Yvette Sexton says:

    Anybody with half of a brain should know that this girl was out of control. She was disrespectful and had no business talking to an adult in that manner. These kids feel entitled because of the dumb support they continue to receive from other adults who obviously had no home training as well. The sub did not start this fight, but she finished it! If most of us were truthful, we would have responded in the same way as the substitute teacher. It’s impossible to teach bad behind kids and maintain your cool while their up in your face. Nope!!! Not today Satan! Not Today!!

  38. Fee washington says:

    The girl was wrong. She got what was coming to her. Stay in a kids place.

  39. H. Wynter says:

    I think that the teacher is in the wrong.
    First she appeared very pompous. She should have identified herself and explained and the phone situation and tell the student to take it up with the office if she so wish to. She pushed the girl twice in a hostile manner, not like a teacher should communicate, when the child was trying to get the phone.
    The teacher seemed like a bully and very ghetto or she would not resort to that behavior and language especially with other students in the classroom. The teacher is so classless in her dressing that even if she was not fighting and was sitting on a chair in the view of others, students as well, it would be like an XRated movie. She was not even embarrassed showing her naked derriere. She must have known that mini skirt and not wearing underwear would be in conflict. Calling “get a f…..g teacher” while she is riding the kid with no pants on is disgraceful. She has no class, no if or but about that. She has no respect for herself. Show respect and you get respect. If she wanted to be the adult in a room with students, she has to cunduct as one. I would recommend that she watch the movie classic To Sir With Love starring Sydney Poitier if she is considering being in a classroom with kids as her vocation. Even a class sitter should conduct herself like a dignified teacher. It is her ass on display all over the internet. When one is considering a teachkng profession you have to know that the students are from various backgrounds, and your job will be challenging at times. It takes a special person to be a teacher. People learn from you, so if you do otherwise, you are letting yourself down.
    The student was properly clad, and the so-called teacher was naked. I would not want her to dog sit my dog much less my child. She is too aggressive with a hint of superiority complex. This is My opinion on the whole

  40. Genevieve Austin says:

    I’m sure the teacher was wearing a thong, for all y’all worried about her buttocks showing 😳. That student had her hemmed against the wall as she’s trying to get the phone. The teacher had every right to open up more space and push that student back. Good for the teacher.

  41. wilbert c rogers says:

    the people who are making these comments about how unprofessional the teacher was has no idea the nature of an undisciplined child that show up in a classroom and we’re commissioned to teach. What she has or doesn’t have on under her clothes should not even be an issue when discussing the severity of what went on in that situation. Teachers dont spend time, money, energy and years of learning to walk into a building to be accosted by undisciplined children weve dedicated ourselves to teach. The very thought of teachers needing to learn “moves” to subdue or de-escalate a situation is an insult to this profession. I cant think of any other profession where this would even be considered as a part of your professional development. You should be thanking God for someone/anyone is willing to do the work of preparing this next generation of children – your children how to live peacefully in this world. We are the ultimate keepers and training ground for every profession known to man.

  42. Ariel says:

    The student was very lucky that didn’t happen in Africa. She would have perceived the odour of her body so strongly after going through very tough processes of character amendments.

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