‘This Woman Is Really Miserable’: Fans Race to Lizzo’s Defense After Candace Owens Calls Women ‘Bats—t Insane’ for Telling the Singer She Looks Beautiful

Candace Owens had Lizzo fans coming to the singer’s defense after the conservative pundit tweeted that women who call the “Juice” singer beautiful are “bats—t insane.”

The drama unfolded after Owens shared a post from another Twitter user that featured a nude Lizzo and questioned why obesity was being normalized.

Lizzo Candace Owens
Lizzo (L) and Candace Owens (R). (Photo: @lizzobeeating/Instagram; @candaceowens/ Instagram)

Never one to keep her opinion to herself, the Fox talk show host re-shared the tweet with a caption about women being manipulated through their support of “trans men” and “fat acceptance.”

“Only women could be emotionally manipulated into supporting their own eradication via support for ‘trans men,’ “she wrote. “Only women could be fooled into supporting a death cult of ‘fat acceptance.’ Today’s cultural battles prove that women are more irrational and emotional than men.”

Owens doubled down on her rhetoric in another tweet, calling women who tell the Grammy-winning artist that she is beautiful “bats—t insane.”

“If you peep comments on any of Lizzo’s ‘fat acceptance’ photos, you will undoubtedly find a score of bats—t insane women telling her that she looks beautiful. Men do not lie to other men in this way. They do not pretend that clinical obesity is beauty.”

Hollywood Unlocked shared the posts on Instagram with a caption wondering if Owens wakes in the morning just to “choose violence.”

“While the ‘Truth Hurts’ singer has always embraced her curves and is a huge advocate for women to embrace their bodies no matter their size,” as noted by the outlet, fans in the comment section who were offended by Owens’ tweet rushed to her defense.

“But size has nothing to do with beauty. Lizzo is beautiful,” noted one fan.

“But like there are a gazillion comments under your posts telling you that you’re a bats—t insane bigot and clinical Botox abuse isn’t beauty? Lizzo looks beautiful because she IS beautiful. See ugly-hearted people will always be ugly. No amount of Maybelline can fix that,” a second individual wrote.

One fan replied, “The obsession is real like why be concerned about someone’s health if it doesn’t directly affect you like damn it’s getting weird” while another said, “This woman is really miserable.”

A few fans called out Owens for suggesting obese people can’t be beautiful and pushing her narrative on others.

“So you can’t be clinically obese and beautiful? She’s attempting to put a medical diagnosis with something as subjective as beauty… it’s in the eye of the beholder regardless of being obese or not ma’am… but let her tell it she’s so dang smart.”

“Well Candice, you can either choose to uplift people whenever you can, or spread your misery. I will not let you decide for me,” another concluded.

This is not the first time Owens has brought Lizzo into her arguments or interviews. Nearly seven months ago, she harshly critiqued Lizzo’s body and her Instacart commercial during an interview with Brett Cooper for “The Comment Section.”

“I’m not shaming fat people who want to be better,” Owens told the host, who shared her same views on the subject. “I am shaming fat people who are pretending that fat is a good way of living. It’s a lie. It’s just a lie.”

Despite Owens’ commentary, Lizzo has dedicated her career and platform to promoting empowerment and inspiring other women to accept and love their bodies over the past few years. Her 13.4 million Instagram followers often get a glimpse of her self-love lifestyle and body positivity mantras. She also advocates for safe spaces on social media after various incidents of ridicule and criticism of her body.

The co-founder of Yitty Shapewear is working on a self-esteem project with Dove, for whom she is a brand ambassador, to champion beauty standards.

She has yet to respond to Owens’ latest remarks, but it’s likely she does not care.

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