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‘Do My Homework, Slave’: Georgia Students Face Criminal Charges After Calling Black Classmate the N-Word, Whipping Her with a Belt; Teacher Failed to Report It 

Middle school students at Radloff Middle School in Gwinnett County, Georgia, are facing criminal charges after allegedly calling one of their Black classmates the N-word and whipping her with a belt.

The teacher is under investigation for witnessing the alleged incident take place and not reporting it to the school’s administration.

Right: Sign in front of Louise Radloff Middle School; Left: Cameron Madison, father of Black middle school student, interviewing in front of the school. (Photo: WSB-TV Atlanta. YouTube screenshot)

According to Gwinnett County Police, a Black middle school girl was sitting with another Hispanic student on March 30 in class and was approached by another Hispanic student that asked “How much for your monkey?”

The Hispanic student sitting with the Black girl responded with a price, and the other Hispanic student said that he owned her, then began to whip her with a belt.

Cameron Madison, the father of the Black student, offered the following statement to WSB-TV Atlanta:

“She was sitting with a Hispanic child, and the other Hispanic child approached them and said, ‘How much for your monkey?’ And the child responded, ‘$450.’ And so the main child said alright, looked at my daughter and said, ‘Alright, I own you now N-word. Do my homework slave.’ My daughter refused and that’s when the child asked the other child to remove his belt and he gave her some lashings. And that’s when the teacher initially said, ‘Alright you boys, leave her alone.’ “

The situation was so bad that Madison said his daughter texted her mother and said she didn’t feel safe anymore. He mentioned that his daughter told him that the teacher witnessed the incident, failed to do anything and didn’t report it. She was forced to sit in the classroom with the two boys after the alleged incident because the teacher failed to report it.

Both parents went to the school the next day and confirmed it.

“There’s no safe place. There should be several options for kids in that type of situation where they can walk out immediately, go to someone immediately, have something done immediately,” Madison said.

The principal, Jennifer Callahan, reportedly said she had no idea the situation took place. Callahan suspended the children involved in the incident the next day, sent out a letter to every parent, and launched an investigation with the Gwinnett County Police Department for a racially motivated crime.

The letter informed the parents of the situation and said that “hitting students and/or directing racial slurs at people will not be tolerated at Radloff Middle.”

After one of the Hispanic students involved was suspended, the student took to Instagram and reposted the letter with the caption, “They’re acting liked I killed someone, I ain’t even hit that hard (laughing emojis).”

Screenshot of one of the Hispanic students’ Instagram post. (Photo: WSB-TV Atlanta Youtube channel)

The school told WSB-TV that an investigation was launched by the school district on Monday, April 10 for the teacher’s involvement.

“I don’t think time heals wounds when it comes to racism,” said Madison.

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3 thoughts on “‘Do My Homework, Slave’: Georgia Students Face Criminal Charges After Calling Black Classmate the N-Word, Whipping Her with a Belt; Teacher Failed to Report It 

  1. Ophelia Clines says:

    These kids learn this behavior at home.It is sickening I was at a supermarket standing in line and two Hispanic women and their children was in front of me, a afro American and her child pass by and they said to each other look at that monkey referring to the child,I got so upset and I confronted them and told them in Spanish that was very and how would they feel if that was said about their children,they looked at me with their mouths wide open to this black woman in line spoke Spanish and I explain to them if this mother new the language all hell would have broke out in the store. I went on to tell becarefill what you say in public because you don’t know who speak Spanish. They were shock and turned around and was quiet until they checked out the eir grocery and left. We all come the one God Yahweh who made us all.

  2. Angie Cerda says:

    In Georgia looks like Racism has never been address. THE Hispanic women n children should know that they themselves are a target of racism n if they haven’t been then wake up because immigration is on the front row of our country. I am Hispanic born in Texas from Texas n there is nothing good about pretending you are better than anyone. Your neighbor Mexico and its immigration problems affect you. Never put down on anyone a child adult or whomever to please your so call thugs Bullies in school. I hope you get jail time got the actions towards the child in question in this story. For the mother in line at grocery store look at yourself in the mirror because you are not white n we do not fit in a white society. Your child needs a lesson and uou as well in History n it’s abuse on people of color including yours. To the school district do your job fire the teacher put the kids out if school so they can serve jail time.

  3. Bill says:

    Based on the comments here Georgiareally needs to step up in the teaching of english.

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