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‘My Granddaughter Is Suffering’: Rickey Smiley Reportedly Files for Grandparents’ Rights After Being Denied Access to His Late Son Brandon’s Daughter for Two Months

Rickey Smiley is doing all that he can to see his granddaughter Storm following the death of his son Brandon Smiley.

The comedian revealed to fans that he has not seen the 3-year-old in two months, despite reaching out to the child’s mother on several occasions. During an Instagram Live, Rickey said that being denied access to the child led him to file for grandparents’ rights in his home state of Alabama.

“It’s already hard suffering a loss, and now you have to ask for Grandparents Rights,” he said. Rickey’s 32-year-old son passed away in January. The comedian since has said he believes Brandon’s past struggles with addiction may have played a role in his sudden death.

Left: Rickey Smiley and his granddaughter Storm Photo: Rickeysmileyofficial/Instagram. Right: Brandon Smiley and his daughter Storm. Photo: Rickeysmileyofficial/Instagram

The radio personality now says his grief has grown more complicated as he is unable to see Brandon’s only child. During the live chat, Rickey said his son’s ex is only causing unnecessary pain for him, his family and Storm.

“You’re hurting her, you’re hurting her. The best thing ever happen to me was having my grandparents around and just having wonderful grandparents,” said the “First Sunday” actor. In the past, Rickey has lauded his grandparents, especially his grandmother, for helping to shape him as a man.

“My grandmother was awesome, she was classy,” he said last year during his radio show. He said the love and attentiveness he grew up with is hard to find in grandmothers today. “I just see a lot of selfishness…you are not responsible for your grandkids but, man, shout out to the ones that will, the ones that do.”

Elsewhere during the live session, Rickey said his most recent attempts to see Storm happened over Easter. He posted screenshots of text messages he sent Storm’s mother.

They revealed that he invited the toddler to join in the festivities. He also extended an invitation to the mother to arrange a separate date for a visit if Easter was not an option. He never received a response.

“I know you know I filed for grandparents rights so I can have a normal relationship with Storm, it’s’ good for her to be around and know her family. She is all we have left of Brandon, and seeing her on any weekend would bring us and her so much joy,” he wrote.

“The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” host also divulged that Brandon endured similar struggles to see his child. The aspiring comedian had a court order in place that allowed him to have at least two weekends and every other Wednesday with Storm.

Rickey said the child’s mother did not respect the mandate. “We was always nice to her,” he said. He also explained that the woman was always welcome to be around their family, despite the strife between her and Brandon.

“You know, regardless of how we felt because I love my granddaughter more than I dislike the things that she was doing to my son.”

He continued, “It’s just lowdown when women do stuff like this to men. It’s women out here that wish anybody would step up and offer some kind of support. And I’m not mad about it, but hey, it’s disappointing, it’s hurtful, but you’re hurting her. I’m mad at the fact that my granddaughter is suffering.”

The proud Alabama State University alum explained that gaining grandparents’ rights would only give him a couple of weekends out of the month with his grandchild. He said that even the woman’s attorney asked if she would be willing to compromise by giving Rickey one weekend, but she was unwilling.

“You’re dealing with people who are not reasonable,” said the TV One star.

Rickey added that his fight to remain present in Storm’s life will not stop at obtaining grandparents’ rights; he also has plans to explore visitation via father’s rights.

What people are saying

44 thoughts on “‘My Granddaughter Is Suffering’: Rickey Smiley Reportedly Files for Grandparents’ Rights After Being Denied Access to His Late Son Brandon’s Daughter for Two Months

  1. Patricia McColumn says:

    This is soooo selfish, we don’t know why,what, who this young woman is angry with, but she shouldn’t take it out on the child. Make me wonder what is the mother hiding? I pray that Rickey will get his rights to his granddaughter. They both deserve each other and that baby will know her father’s family. So hon, please let this baby enjoy her life.

  2. Ester Hardesty says:

    I hope you get to see your granddaughter realsoon

  3. Elaine Sparks says:

    I pray thatnyounget to see your grandchild

  4. Cora Collier says:

    Only if the child is not your son child why she hide the child.some times she is telling another man he is the child father do a D and A test

  5. Simply Semaj says:

    Hold on Stormy Pop-Pop will fight to the end ❤️🙏🏾

  6. Earlene says:

    The baby might not be your son’s child

  7. Virginia Frazier says:

    Praying for you and your grand baby. Just no God got you.

  8. Dianne Johnson says:

    Rickey you are so right. I am a woman my self. And my children father was never there for them financially or emotionally.But when ever their father or their grandpare ts wanted to get them sometimes i let them do so. The kids has nothing to do with what the parents went through. So i love u Rickey. Keep doing what youre doing.

  9. Veronica Williams says:

    I always thought something about her wasn’t right you can look through a person at and see there try color so Mr. Rickey don’t stop fighting for your grandchild God got you till the end. When I look at your TV show I didn’t care for with your son do what you got to do for him because he no his child not safe with her. Love you Mr. Smiley and I will say this again God got you l will continue to pray for you and your family.

  10. Sherry says:

    Prayers to you and your family. Praying for peace to all affected.

  11. Tanya S says:

    I feel your pain Rickey!!! It’s called low-life mothers and they are hiding something so please continue to pursue because this baby needs love, care and attention!!!

  12. Theresa says:

    First of all I applaud 👏 you for wanting to be in the child’s life of your son. Being there is very important then anything that us adults go through. Furthermore, standing up as a parent or grandparent is important especially in the child’s life. Im sorry for your lost of your son and pray for continued healing and hope the love for your son brings joy toward your granddaughter as well. We must not look to the past we must find a road for recovery and learn to forgive one and another not just for the child but for what God want us to do. Please continue this fight and get an DNA the mother’s behavior warns this or could be personal or toward her own mental state. For whatever reason don’t give up maybe you could save or help not only the child the mother as well. Always pray and put God first. The end is closer than you think the outcome is near.

  13. Selena Williams says:

    Man this hurt! It’s nothing like your situation but I know how it feels to love and then the love be taken away! I was grandma for 1 year to find out I was never grandma. Nonetheless, I would’ve played the role forever and so would my son but the witch took my God baby away for us to never see her again. This type of stuff hurt down to the inner core, to the bones. Praying for you Rickey! One thing I can truly say, HE don’t keep you there too long…this too shall pass! Again, praying for you Sir!✨🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼✨

  14. Anonymous says:

    I hope he had a DNA test done to determine that he was indeed the father long before his passing cause this is crazy for her to try to keep the baby away.

  15. Annie Lucas says:

    For you and your family God has your back you have

  16. Mary L Castleberry says:

    Yes Rickey I suggest you get the DNA to be sure. I hate you would have to go that route but just to be sure. I can just imagine how you feel. My grands are 11 and 23. I see them regularly. Good luck and God’s got you.

  17. Christine says:

    I have 5 of my grandkids. Full-time and I would not change it for nothing. One of my daughters died the day after my birthday in 2022, I welcomed them, they are autistic and young adults. My house is crowded but with the lord’s help and prayer I will be with them till the day I die, I am 75, they keep me young. God bless you and I pray this young lady will see the value of grandparents love.

  18. Shelia Evans says:

    It’s truly sad when the devil steps in and try too take over. Every morning I plea the blood of Jesus over everything and everybody to cover any evil doings that comes, I am now pleading the same for you and yours. God always Prevails any miss doings and shall fix them. Many blessings that the right thing be done Amen

  19. Janice McCoy says:

    I am going through the same thing right now. I have a 7 year old granddaughter that I’ve never met that lives in the same city as I do. The mom will not let myself nor my son she her. Them I also have a 8 year old great grandson that I haven’t seen since he was three and nor has my grandson. I just can’t understand for the life of me why Mother’s would want to keep kids away from family.

  20. Tiffany Bowers says:

    If Ricky hasn’t seen his granddaughter in 2-3 months tells me the baby wasn’t at the funeral either! Wow.. kid might not be his is the only other thing I can possibly think of. But it’s some LOWDOWN women out here. Especially if he owed her child support

  21. A Hardgezz says:

    Rickey God knowz your heart…You already know He’z gonna show up in thiz situation n have favor for you az He’z done time n time again…start planning to receive her back in your life🤎🙏🏾

  22. Melissa Freeman says:

    🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️It’s not a good feeling You’re hurting Storm her grandfather and others you may just need them one day so be grateful that they’re willing to help you in anyway I haven’t seen my granddaughter in13 1/2 years and I was helping raise her her mom was murdered 😢 still trusting and believing God one day I will see her again lil Miss Keneisha Marie Freeman we ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Sylvia Moore says:

    Go all the way Rickey, fight, fight, fight!!

  24. Letitia says:

    Hi, Rickey
    I have been trying to come onto your show because of this same situation. I don’t get to see my grandchildren. I want to talk about this. It all started 5 years ago. If anybody can get me on a show live. Please I want to tell my story. I hope you get your grand baby. I feel your pain it hurts.

  25. audrey abner says:

    Do not give up. This woman is doing this to be hurtful and mean. I went thru this with one of my grandson’s. Keep praying!

  26. Dee says:

    Those speaking DNA have not seen Storm. Brandon left them his twin!!! You look at her you see Brandon for sure.

  27. Gna Giles says:

    She ought to be glad you not trying to dig up dirty on her.That include the people she have in the baby life and go for full custody. Your money longer than hers.That is sad when that is all you have left of your son.

  28. Elaine Elaine Griffin says:

    She should be happy that grandparents want to be in the child life why would she want to take that away from her child

  29. Betty says:


  30. Gloria says:

    I feel your pain! I am going through the same situation but unfortunately my state does not recognize “grandparents rights”. For now, the mother has the upper hand but I have placed it in God’s hand! Yes, I am hurting but my grandson is hurting more.

  31. Tracy smith says:

    Always 3 sides to a story and it’s very manipulative to post your commuicaton publicly. Don’t weaponnise your fans. IJS..

  32. Situation I’ll look at how much you make which is very sad you base children life on money get real love overpower money says:

    That’s the problem today the judge gives the mother all the right why do he daddy have to up money why he can’t have same rights to love his child it’s bullshit kids love there dad too fair is fair all judge don’t look at Situation I’ll look at how much you make which is very sad you base children life on money get real love overpower money

  33. Patricia Brown says:


  34. Donna Edmonds says:

    I know in my heart that everything will work out. God is in control. Praying for You Rickey & your Granddaughter. I’m also praying for the Mother🙏🏿. Keep fighting. Anyone would love to have you as their kids Grandfather. You are amazing. Don’t be discouraged cause help is on the way👆. You and baby girl will be together again soon🙌

  35. Patricia Brown says:


  36. Lisa Lee says:

    Glad you fighting for your grandchild Praying for you cause I raised my 3 grandkids Mother working Nobody better not never trying to keep them away for me and grandad Why she keeping her away now This is the time she should let you see and have her anytime you want her Dear heavenly father and your angel 😇 Help them see this baby Watch over Ricky father God Hurting more Crying more Wipe the tears from their eyes Let them know with you father God Everything is gone be okay 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  37. Hazel Warren-Robinson says:

    JESUS!! take the wheel!!

  38. Tamara Colquitt says:

    For the ones suggesting a DNA that little girl looks just like Brandon and her grandpa

  39. Sheran says:

    After reading the comments , I really don’t think a DNA is necessary. Just look at lil Storm , she looks just like Brandon and Ricky. The truth will set her free. She’s a ZMILEY

  40. Phyllis Coleman says:

    Rickey, I stand ten toes down with you about these grand babies. I have 10 and I love them all but the difference between you and I they let me keep them the whole summer and through out the year I am praying that you get full custody of baby Storm

  41. Stacey Geeters says:

    I want to know how he’s getting grandparents rights in the state of Alabama when there are none!

  42. Melody says:

    This message is for Letitia, I work for Rickey and would like to hear your story. Please email me [email protected]

  43. June Jeffries says:

    Sometimes you just have to put things in God’s hands. I want you to write that child’s name down and put it in the book of revelations in your Bible and trust in the lord. Amen

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