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‘This Ain’t Knuck If You Buck’: Monica Tells Fans to ‘Calm Down’ After a Fight Broke Out In the Middle of Her Love Song

Although her nickname is “Goonica,” singer Monica did not intend to be in a fighting mood at her recent concert in Washington, D.C., on April 1.  

While she is usually known for her no-nonsense attitude, the “So Gone” artist was so over fans who wanted to squabble while she was in the midst of singing her 1995 hit, “Why I Love You So Much.” 

Monica stops her concert to address two women who started fighting (Photo: @monicadenise/Instagram.)

The entire interaction was captured on video and uploaded by TikTok user @mrs.deedoubleyou.

In the clip, fans can see the 42-year-old begin singing her love song before getting distracted by two women who were punching and pulling each other’s hair. 

“Wait a minute, ah ah ah, stop stop stop,” Monica continuously said until her bandmate’s music came to a halt. 

“Come on now, I’m singing a love song. I ain’t singing ‘Knuck If You Buck,’ baby. Calm that s–t down,” she said to one of the women that were fighting, who can be seen in a pink outfit. 

“Knuck If You Buck” is a 2004 rap song by the group Crime Mob, which typically has a habit of riling folks up due to its fighting lyrics. 

Monica attempted to defuse the situation by telling her security to take the woman in pink to go get a drink. 

“On me,” the Grammy award-winner said. “They f—-g you up, baby? Me too. Join the club.” 

Before the two-minute video came to an end, fans can see Monica dedicate her next song — which was ironically “So Gone” — to the woman wearing the pink ensemble. 

The video was posted on Hollywood Unlocked, where the R&B singer addressed the abrupt situation. 

“I am still confused,” she said, “fighting during why I love you so much is wild LOL I just don’t get it!!!!”

Several fans supported Monica’s comment and also shared their confusion. 

“Who da h— fighting during a Monica set?!”

“As tf she should tf yall doing fighting when Monica sing fam wtf.”

One individual named the television network that’s known for showcasing fights on reality TV shows, writing, “Monica was like this ain’t Zeus babe.”

Monica is currently on the “R&B Experience Tour” with artists like Tevin Campbell, Tamar Braxton, Xscape, and more.

Although the Washington show got a little heated, hopefully, their next stop in Chicago on April 14 runs a lot smoother.

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