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‘Grandma, Don’t Leave Me’: Georgia Woman Risks Life, Breaks Both Ankles to Save 5-Year-Old Granddaughter Trapped By Apartment Fire

A grandmother’s heroic actions saved the life of her 5-year-old granddaughter from an apartment fire in Hampton, Georgia.

According to local news reports, Jacqueline Roberts jumped from the second-floor window to safety with her small grandchild.

Left: Images of the inside of Jacqueline Roberts’ apartment; Middle: Roberts and granddaughter Autumn pose for a selfie; Right: Pictures of Roberts’ broken ankles (Photos: 11Alive News/YouTube screenshots).

According to 11Alive News, the incident took place a little after 4 p.m. at an apartment along Nicole Drive on March 27. Roberts was awakened by family members who alerted her of the fire. She explained that her daughter grabbed her grandson and granddaughter, then proceeded to walk down the 17 flights of stairs. But then her granddaughter Autumn ran back up the stairs, Roberts said.

“It was so hot, and my daughter shout to me, ‘Mommy, get Autumn, get Autumn,’ ” she recalled.

Roberts had decided to return upstairs to retrieve important documents, like her identification card, she said. She was able to find her granddaughter through the smoke.

“If I had gone downstairs with my daughter, my granddaughter would have been in the fire. She would have perished,” Roberts explained as tears came down her face.

“I saw her silhouette in my son’s doorway,” she recalled. “She said, ‘Grandma, get me, Grandma, get me, Grandma, don’t leave me. Save me.’ “

Roberts then explained that the only way out was through a second-story window that was about 15 feet off the ground.

“By this time, the smoke is coming now,” she said. “It’s getting a little more dangerous. She’s coughing, I’m coughing.”

“I kind of bent over on my window to where the front of my stomach and my pelvic bone were over [the windowsill],” she said. “When I dropped her she said, ‘Ouch’ and then said, ‘I’m OK, Grandma.’ Then I said, ‘OK, you have to move now so Grandma can jump.’ “

Roberts said she was thankful the rain made the grass muddy and soft for her to land.

“I’m on the floor laying down, and one foot is going this way, and the other foot is going this way, and my body is one way,” she said.

The 52-year-old woman was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital because she reportedly suffered two broken ankles and a few bruises. Her granddaughter only had a few scratches.

Roberts said that fire officials and her landlord told her that the cause of the fire was electrical.

“I just love my children and my first granddaughter,” she said. “I love my grandkids. The only option I had was to save her life. Not even mine, really. I wasn’t even thinking about myself, honestly. It was to get her out because she’s only five years old. I’m 52, I’ve lived life, and she didn’t start to experience life.”

It was reported that she lost everything in her apartment and her family has started a GoFundMe account to help pay for her medical bills.

What people are saying

16 thoughts on “‘Grandma, Don’t Leave Me’: Georgia Woman Risks Life, Breaks Both Ankles to Save 5-Year-Old Granddaughter Trapped By Apartment Fire

  1. Nancy Williams says:

    God bless you I know my grandchildren are everything to me and just as you I wouldn’t think twice about giving my life for them because as you said I have lived my life good or bad bless you so much

  2. Ashelee Rivers says:

    You are such an Angel. I praise God for allowing you to escape alive and I pray that you heal expeditiously. I wish you the best in life with your family.

  3. Martha Lott says:

    I love the selflessness. Many say they will risk or give their life for a loved one, you proved it with action. Such a beautiful story. Wishing you heal completely without issues.

  4. tamika bell says:


  5. Cynthia Turner says:

    Thank GOD for you 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  6. Clara says:

    What you did was God talking to you saying you can do this and I have both of you .I have 1 granddaughter and she is the love of my life.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.



  8. Melissa Sanchez says:

    As the kids would say ” that’s how we roll!”. The very definition of unconditional love!! Bless you

  9. Sandra Marrow says:

    The MOST HIGH has a plan and you’re part of the finished product because you’re still here your granddaughter has experienced loyalty, respect,and sacrifice #everythinghappens4areason.i have 1 granddaughter I helped raise her from birth and at 5yrs old her mother took her and almost 3yrs later I haven’t seen her, but I know she will be in my life before again before I take my last breath.

  10. Nevada Hopkins Bracey says:

    Awesome showing of love. Your granddaughter is bless to have you for a grandmother. I too know how wonder it is to be a grandma and I’m a great grandma, I would do anything for them. Thank God for your unselfish Love, I pray that you heal quickly. Grandmas Rock,

  11. That is a grandmother that loves her grandkids. I would do anything for mine.

  12. B. Bass says:

    I pray you will have Divine healing of your ankles and that your granddaughter won’t be traumatized too bad.

    The word tells us “to whom much is given, much is required ” and it appears you have been given much love and you gave the love required.
    May GOD continue to bless and keep you in your Granddaughter’s life.

  13. Pastor Djuna Posey says:

    May God give you quick healing, in Jesus Christ name 🙏! Amen

  14. Carrie horn says:

    Carrie horn says,ur awesome grandma love you for saving ur grandbaby may god bless you & ur family. Have a speedy recovering! In Jesus name Amen

  15. Amanda Stanchfield says:

    Thank god you was there and that it wasn’t her’s or yours time yet ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏

  16. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    Good Morning.My name is Jacqueline Roberts and I’m the grandmother in the above article.Thank You All for the kind words. Autumn is doing great, I later learned that I broke all four ankles , my tibia and my fibia. I wanted to do a live interview to tell what happen while Autumn and I were trapped in the fire on 3/27/23. My number is 6463773266. I also hope to share the gofund me, to garnish some financial assist to help pay my medical bills

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