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‘Never Confuse Back the Blues for Back the Black In Blue’: Critics Say White Supremacist’s Harassment of Black Florida Cop Shows All Blue Lives Don’t Matter

A leader of a white supremacist group verbally attacked a Black cop in West Palm Beach, Florida, and it has now made people question the support of “Blue Lives Matter.”

Joe Minadeo Jr. videotaped himself repeatedly calling Black officer Darien Thomas the N-word during a police encounter.

A white female officer said during the video that Minadeo and the group of four men that was with him were being given a citation for littering. The group of men was parked on the side of a Wells Fargo Bank in a U-Haul truck with camera equipment and other supplies in the bed of the truck when the encounter took place. It is still not known why the police first approached the group.

West Palm Beach Officer Darien Thomas (left) during an encounter with Jon Minadeo Jr. (right) during the police encounter in West Palm Beach. (Photo: Screenshots from video)

Commenters on Twitter called out the supporters of “Blue Lives Matter” because none of Thomas’ fellow officers intervened or prevented Minadeo from his constant use of racial slurs during the encounter. They also didn’t arrest anyone from the group.

“Yup. Never confused ‘back the blues’ for ‘back the black in blue’ The only time they like black cops is when they’re harassing black people,” wrote a reporter from Hot Spot Media.

“White cucks like you, I don’t give a f*** about any of you fagg*ts. The only thing that is stopping us is that you have your badges on,” said Minadeo. “…..This n****r is getting in my face. I will get my ID but away from this n****r.”

Minadeo continued to use racial slurs to address Thomas. He repeatedly told him to “shut up, n****r” and told him he knew how hard it is for his low IQ brain not to attack him for being called his name.

“This is the hard part huh? When I call you a n****r to your face and you gotta act like a white man and detain yourself. Huh n****r? This is hard for you huh? Your low IQ wants to attack me over a word, n****r. You are a f*****g science experiment from a Jew,” said Minadeo.

Other commenters called the West Palm Beach Police Department for failing to do anything about Minadeo and his tirade of hate that he has been spreading since he moved to the area in January.

Minadeo is the leader of a white supremacist group called the Goyim Defense League that feeds off of hate toward Black people, Jewish people, and members of the LGBTQ community. He runs Goyim TV, which live streams their racial encounters with people from his targeted hate groups. People donate to the group, and he also sells merchandise on his site, according to reports.

The group was started in Petaluma, California, and now has made its way to Florida.

According to reports, Minadeo is a high school dropout with a GED who has lived off his family’s fortune. They own a popular local restaurant called Dinucci’s Italian Dinners, where he worked as a waiter before launching his website in late 2021. Since his rise, he has been banned from all social media platforms, but his content has still found its way to those platforms.

His targeting of police started after his home was reportedly vandalized in 2022 for the hate messages he and his group spread. He felt police didn’t protect him, and that was part of the reason he moved to Florida, according to reports.

In February, he stood on a popular street corner in West Palm Beach to yell racial slurs at people he thought were Jewish as they drove by. He also reportedly racked up $7,000 in donations that month as well, according to Miami New Times.

Minadeo and his group identify themselves as neo-Nazis. They monetize their practice of pulling off random hate stunts. They first made waves in California when they passed out flyers to promote anti-Semitic messages in 2022. They followed that up with a sign that said “Kanye Was Right About the Jews” and hung it over a popular overpass in the Bay Area.

The group has tried to sway young teenage boys to join them on their live streams. They have also threatened and used racial slurs against young Black kids that have joined their live stream.

In May 2022, Minadeo and his followers held a protest outside a Holocaust memorial center in Maitland, an Orlando suburb. They used bullhorns and held signs that denied the Holocaust and said that Jews “promote homosexuality.”

In November 2022, Minadeo called out a U.S. Marine for being in the military and fighting for what he described as the “wrong cause.”

The group members are proud supporters of former President Donald Trump and his “Proud Boys” following. However, Minadeo says his group doesn’t spread violence.

The Secure Community Network, which monitors threats against the Jewish community, stated that Minadeo and his group consistently promote violence through their hate messages. They have tried to get his sites banned from the internet altogether, but have not been successful.

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