‘She Gon’ Catch Me on a Bad Day’: Marlon Wayans Responds to Kym Whitley’s Lustful Proposition

Marlon Wayans has a long history with Kym Whitley and her playful lust for her fellow comedian.

For years, Wayans has been the target of Whitley’s sexually suggestive remarks and jokes that hint at her wanting to share more than a platonic friendship embrace.

“She seen me change one time and she said, ‘That looks like a little Louisville slugger bat,’” explained Wayans when her adoration for his manhood became a hot topic on “The Breakfast Club” this month. “So every time she sees me, she puts her big a– titties on me.”

Marlon Wayans and Kym Whitley. (Photos: @marlonwayans/instagram, @kymwhitley/Instagram)

Whitley has been open about the lasting impression the youngest of the Wayans clan left her with after she appeared on “The Wayans Brothers” in the mid-1990s. On an episode of “Uncensored,” she recalled getting an eyeful of the actor’s ‘man print’ while on set.

“I thought he was trying to be funny, because he was a fool, and I kept looking. I said, ‘This boy done put a little bat in his shorts, in his red sweat pants,’” said Whitley. As she discovered, the only thing Wayans had in his pants was the appendage he was born with.

The “Next Friday” actress continued to explain, “Nobody laughed. Over the speaker, they’re like, ‘Oh, she’s seen it.’ I was like, ‘Seen it?’ I was like, ‘That’s real? First of all, you need to put a rope on that thing and tie it up, whatever that is.’ And then, for that whole week, I was distracted, and they were like, ‘He has a reputation in Hollywood, he just is blessed. He’s blessed.’ And it’s burned into my brain.”

In fact, Whitley and her “Act Your Age” co-stars, Tisha Campbell and Yvette Nicole Brown, were in the building the same day Wayans appeared on the syndicated radio show. As the “Sextuplets” star walked by a glass wall, the women all excitedly waved at him.

Whitley, however, did a bit more. “Hey, Marlon! You know you my boo. Marlon Wayans… I can’t get too close to him…yeah buddy, you know what I like to say about you,” she said into the mic. “Let me break you off a little somethin’ somethin.’”

Continuing with his response to Whitley’s proposition, the multihyphenate talent told Charlamagne tha God, “I’m like, stop it! You know she gon’ f–k around and catch me on a bad day and catch this d–k. She gone f–k around and catch me on a horny a– day, I’m feeling lonely, she gone catch this d–k and be real mad about herself. Calling me all types of nights and s–t, nah you f–k around. Stop playing with me.”

Fans who reacted to the comical, but possibly serous remarks, wrote:

“Don’t threaten her with a good time.” 

“Don’t let the jokes fool ya! She is very serious!”

“Ok Cougar……we all know whut chu doin’….i am not mad..”

“She been trying since she had him tied up at her apartment wit the bad teeth.”

Twenty-five years have passed since Whitley and the “God Loves Me” stand-up comic shared the screen for the “Misery” episode of “The Wayns Brothers,” so there is a decent chance that the two will continue joking about the brewing lust.

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