‘I Heard About You’: Marlon Wayans Bashfully Reacts to Comedic Actress Kym Whitley Speaking on His Blessing That is ‘Burned’ Into Her Memory

Marlon Wayans has somewhat broken his silence after hearing the risqué comments his comedic peer Kym Whitley made about his physique. 

Whitley recently sat down to share her life story on “Uncensored,” and in doing so she reminisced on an experience she had while working with Wayans in the late ’90s.

Marlon Wayans offered up a coy reaction to comedic actress Kym Whitley sharing a story about his body during her episode of “Uncensored.” (Photo: @marlonwayans/Instagram)

The actress recalled landing a guest appearance on the hit show “The Wayans Brothers” and arriving on set for the first time. Whitley, who by that time was not a novice to the industry, remembered being immediately distracted by the youngest of the Wayans clan. 

“All of a sudden, he had on these red sweat pants, and I thought he was trying to be funny, because he was a fool, and I kept looking, I said, ‘This boy done put a little bat in his shorts, in his red sweat pants,’ and I was looking at it, I was laughing, I was like, ‘Stop being silly! Boy, you crazy… Y’all see this? He’s so silly,’” she shared. 

But apparently the gag was on her.

“Nobody laughed. Over the speaker, they’re like, ‘Oh, she’s seen it.’ I was like, ‘Seen it?’ I was like, ‘That’s real? First of all, you need to put a rope on that thing and tie it up, whatever that is,’’” she continued. “And then, for that whole week I was distracted, and they were like, ‘He has a reputation in Hollywood, he just is blessed. He’s blessed.’ And it’s burned into my brain.”

A possibly bashful Wayans responded to Whitley’s memory by posting a photo of himself coyly smiling along with the emoji of a monkey covering its eyes. He also tagged Whitley making it even more apparent he knew she had shared the news of his “blessing” with the public. 

His fans relished in the moment with comments reaffirming they were made privy to the private information.


“Mmmmmhm you know WE KNOW 😂”

“I’m here to see that 🦇”

Throughout his career, from movies and television shows, the “Scary Movie” actor has never been afraid to show skin in the name of comedy. Wayans, 49, is often seen in outrageous comedic circumstances in his underwear, and sometimes even showcasing his bare backside. 

In the past, he has explained that stripping down for a scene is something he gives little to no real thought to, instead he just goes for it.

“I’m quick to get naked. I don’t care, I don’t think too much about things. … I just try to use that and live that way and be free,” he said to ABC Radio in 2017. “Because I feel like you’re exposed, and you’re vulnerable, and you’re silly and you don’t care. So once you get these things out the way — you live naked, you’re living free.”

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