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‘Sis Forgot Which One was Her Real Man’: Fans Crack Up At Woman Who Appears to be Mesmerized By Idris Elba While Her Husband Is Standing Right Next to Her

Idris Elba has single-handedly captured the hearts of women all around the world. The British actor’s confidence and smooth charisma make the ladies lose their minds, even married ones. 

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Idris Elba surprised a star-struck fan during a recent interview. (Photo: @idriselba/Instagram.)

Elba appeared on the morning talk show, “Today” with Samantha Guthrie on Wednesday, March 8, and surprised a die-hard fan waiting outside the “Today” plaza since 4 a.m.

A woman named Kelly was given the opportunity of a lifetime after the American morning show put her and her husband on camera to be seen by Elba. 

“You came this morning to see me,” the 50-year-old asked. 

Kelly, who was obviously star-struck, could barely formulate her words. It took her a few seconds to respond to Elba, and when she did all she could say was a shaky “yes.” 

The “Luther” actor seemed honored to have such a loyal fan for he invited Kelly and her husband on stage to give her a hug. 

“Oh my God,” Kelly said as she walked over to Elba and embraced him. 

“Wow, it’s so nice to meet you,” he said before introducing himself to her husband. 

Finally collecting herself, Kelly praised the Golden Globe Award-winner for his “work” in the industry.

“I admire your work so much,” she said as she continued to bounce off of Guthrie’s compliments that called him “the best” and “Idris Elba.”

It appeared as if Kelly wasn’t ready to leave Elba just yet because her husband had to physically turn her around and lead his wife off of the stage. 

Elba and Kelly’s meeting was soon plastered all over social media where fans came up with their own opinions about the hilarious encounter. 

“Fanning out in front of your husband like this because of Idris Elba is wild. Sis forgot which one was her real man,” @wordaround101 wrote on TikTok.

“Ain’t no way! Lol Fan met Idris Elba and forgot about her husband quick! Fellas pay attention,” one fan penned on Twitter.

“That lady who fan out on Idris Elba in front of her husband on the today show is just disrespectful,” another suggested. 

Elba got his foot into the acting world in the mid-1990s. He first starred in a British TV show “Insiders” and portrayed a recurring character named Robinson Bennett. 

He then went on to star in other TV shows such as “Ultraviolet” and “Dangerfield.” However, it was his portrayal as Stringer Bell on the HBO series “The Wire” that really put his name on the map. 

Elba’s career has been a great one to watch, and fans can continue to support his acting career by tuning into his new movie, “Luther: The Fallen Sun,” which was recently released on Netflix.

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