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‘Was This His Place to Announce That’: Pastor Kim Burrell Calls Out Tyrese Gibson After He Reveals She Was Hospitalized and In Need of Financial Support

Gospel singer Kim Burrell loves her spiritual son Tyrese Gibson, but her recent health scare let her know for future reference how much information she should and should not tell him.

The Grammy-nominated artist posted a photo on Instagram and went live to explain Gibson’s lengthy post that suggested Burrell needed financial support after being hospitalized with pneumonia.

“Good late evening. I’m so happy to report that all is well,” Burell captioned her selfie.

Kim Burrell calls out Tyrese Gibson for his post about her financial and health crisis. (Photo: @kimburrelllove/Instagram)

“As most of you know, there’s NOTHING that @tyrese wouldn’t say or do for me. Everybody please relax and continue to pray for my recovery. I love you all.”

The 50-year-old pastor also uploaded her 17-minute Instagram live onto her page and gave fans a deeper explanation as to what happened to her. 

“Wednesday or Thursday, my O2 had dropped to 40, so I was in a very critical place,” she said before refusing any donations, “if we did this for money, gospel artists, we couldn’t try to live and do this. I am on an assignment.” 

Burrell also added that although he meant well, Gibson’s message was “discombobulated.”

“My son Tyrese, y’all gotta keep a secret, he doesn’t keep a secret as you can see.”  

Nearly a week ago, Gibson caused panic within the gospel community after revealing that his “stepmother” fell victim to pneumonia in both of her lungs. 

The publication Hollywood Unlocked obtained his now-deleted letter which began with Gibson admitting being “in tears” due to Burrell’s news. 

“I’m freaking out, I don’t know what to do,” the 44-year-old wrote.

Gibson then implied that the “Thank You Jesus” vocalist needed $15,000 for medical bills. 

“She had to cancel five shows and she stressed out about it, but I just wanted to have more than enough money to where she don’t have to worry about the shows if she could just focus on resting and recovering,” he penned.

The “Baby Boy” actor continued, “she’s on PayPal cash app Venmo Zelle just do whatever it takes to get some money into mom to make sure she’s OK.”

Towards the end of his post, Gibson made it clear that the message was not intended to make Burrell upset, but to help her get back on her feet. 

Several fans in the Hollywood Unlocked comment section disagreed with the way he approached Burrell’s health issues. 

“Why he telling this lady’s business in detail like that?”

“Not Tyrese on IG asking folks to send Venmo donations to Kim Burrell.”

“Was this his place to announce that… he is always overstepping boundaries on public information.” 

While fans were unhappy with Gibson’s post, it appears as if all is well between him and Burrell.

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