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‘Bring Back Johnnie Mae, Jeanette, Debra’: Kirk Franklin Says We Need to Bring Back ‘Real Names’ After Playfully Calling Out Granddaughter’s Name

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin has shared the news that his daughter, Carrington Franklin Nakwaasah, and her husband, Maxx Nakwaasah, have welcomed a baby girl to their family.

Franklin revealed the baby’s name, which is Levi, on Instagram on Sunday, March 5. The “Revolution” singer also gave his opinion on his granddaughter’s name and said that it was time to go back to more traditional in order to save the next generation.

Franklin captioned the post, “GOD HELP US….”

Kirk Franklin, his granddaughter, Levi, and his daughter, Carrington. (Photo: @kirkfrankling/Instagram; @love.carrington/Instagram.)

“My daughter just gave birth to my second grandchild,” he continued in the video. “A beautiful little girl name Levi. Levi’s beautiful, but I told my daughter that I think to save the next generation, we need to go back. We need to go back to real names. The baby should have been named Betty. Phyllis. Geraldine. Ruby.”

The Grammy winner said he feels parents have moved too far away from traditional names and to change the world, they need to go back to “real names.”

“We’ve moved too far. We need some more Charlenes. You know, we gotta take it back if we’re gonna change the world. Bring back Johnnie Mae, Jeanette, Debra. God Bless you.”

Fans had mixed reactions to the video. One fan agreed with Franklin and said that kids’ names “go along w/their behavior.”

“I totally agree these kids name go along w/their behavior,” replied one fan. “See Charleen and Betty come from an era that they didn’t disrespect adults , they didn’t smoke weed , they was home before the street lights come on etc this generation ain’t being raised !!!!”

Other fans disagreed and joked about Franklin choosing elderly names.

“Oh so you wanted her to give birth to a senior citizen,” replied one fan. “All those names come with a smock and house slippers,” added another.

Several celebrities also commented on the video. Singer Usher replied, “Geraldine no.” Comedian D.L. Hughley wrote, “hahahahahaha!!!! agreed Earnestine!!!!!!!?”

Another fan noted that Levi is actually an old name in the Bible. “But Levi is in the Bible…not Geraldine. it’s old.”

Franklin has four children: 35-year-old Kerrion, 34-year-old Carrington, 26-year-old Kennedy, and 22-year-old Caziah.

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