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Black Man Stabbed Crazed White Man to Protect His Family, Months Later the Suspect Was Arrested for Plotting a Racial Mass Shooting

A Las Vegas man connected to a string of crimes against Black people for several months finally has wound up behind bars and charged with two counts of hate crimes.

Hunter Holman is accused of committing racially motivated acts toward Black people dating back to May 2022.

On Feb. 22, Las Vegas Police Department received a tip from the Arkansas FBI unit about Holman allegedly threatening to kill Black people at a local Arkansas gym with an AR-15.

Hunter Holman mugshot with Las Vegas Police Department (Photo: YouTube/ Dr. Rashad Richey)

The Las Vegas Police department recognized the name and mentioned that Holman has a list of racially motivated crimes against Black people, including one against a Black family that led to him being arrested and charged. Holman was out on bail for the incident involving the Black family and had charges of assault with a deadly weapon motivated by bias or hatred.

Police records show that on July 9, 2022, Holman committed assault with a deadly weapon as a hate crime against a Black family walking down the street. At 10:24 p.m. that evening, Holman called police to report that a Black man had stabbed him. He was then taken to UMC Trauma Center, where he was treated for his injuries and was to be interviewed.

He couldn’t conduct an interview at the hospital because he had to be intubated, but later he told police he got into an argument with a Black man and woman that blocked his right of way. He said that the confrontation led to him being stabbed.

Police later found that Holman’s story was not true when they interviewed a witness and obtained video surveillance of the incident from the hotel.

“In this incident, Holman randomly picked out a Black family, almost ran them over and indicated he wanted to kill them,” police said in the report. “The Black adult male had to fight off Holman and stabbed Holman to protect his family.”

The Black male told authorities that Holman approached his family while they walked on the sidewalk. He started to yell racial slurs at them that included the N-word. The man said they ignored him, but Holman pulled onto the sidewalk to cut them off and then stated he had a gun as he exited the car.

The police report stated that the Black man instructed his family to stand behind him. Holman started to attack the man by punching him in the head and then the Black man pulled out his pocket knife to stab Holman after a small tussle.

The police interviewed Holman again with the new information they discovered, and he denied calling him the N-word. He admitted to the verbal altercation and that he was stabbed.

“Holman stated he was having a bad day and began yelling at [the man] and his family,” the police report stated.

The witness corroborated the Black male’s story and also added that the male told him “to go and keep driving.”

“Holman pulled his vehicle up to the group and exited. Holman then engaged in a physical confrontation with the group of people,” said the witness. “I observed Holman was struck physically but did not see any weapons.”

This is one of four other incidents Holman has been involved in that were documented by the police.

In May 2022, Holman was fired from his job at a call center after the owner reported to authorities that he sent messages that claimed he was Jesus and a member of the FBI.

On June 2, 2022, Holman allegedly returned to the call center at 10:26 p.m., used racial slurs, threatened to commit sexual assault against a female manager, and kill her. He also later threatened to assault the wives and mothers of coworkers through text messages. Police stated he did donuts in the parking lot and left before they arrived.

On Feb. 2, police responded to a call from a Vegas hotel saying a man called the hotel, threatened to kill them and used racial slurs. The police later discovered it was Holman when he called the hotel back while the police were on the scene.

“The caller immediately called [the victim] a [racial slur] and stated he was the grand master. I went behind the counter and observed the caller ID read Hunter Holman,” an officer said in the report.

In September 2022, another Vegas hotel said that Holman left a goat head behind in one of the room’s refrigerators, an extensive knife collection, and made a scene while he was on the hotel property stating he was “the King of the KKK.”

Holman was arrested on Feb. 23, and his next court appearance is scheduled for March 30. He has refused to speak with anyone without his lawyer being present.

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