‘I Feel So Violated’: Wisconsin Car Salesman Urinates on Black Woman’s Driver’s License She Left Behind After Test Drive

A graphic viral video of a man urinating on a Black woman’s driver’s license has sparked a social media firestorm, and people are outraged and want the man arrested.

“I feel so violated,” Leah Jefferson of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, wrote on Facebook once she learned what happened to her license.

Jefferson was looking to purchase a used car on Feb. 26. She found herself at NH Auto Sales, LLC in Kenosha, Wisconsin, eyeing a 2004 Honda Civic. Around 1 p.m., Jefferson said she decided to test drive the car and handed car salesman Bryan Slaven her license for the drive. During the test drive, as Jefferson wrote in a lengthy Facebook post, she developed a list of questions she’d planned to ask about the used car she considered buying.

Jefferson reportedly also attempted to negotiate a purchasing price for the 19-year-old car after the test drive.

“We asked how negotiable the price was,” Jefferson wrote.

“They really didn’t give much besides, ‘It’s tax season, and we really don’t have to drop the price’,” Jefferson said Slaven told her.

Jefferson chose not to purchase the car and left the dealership to head to her home an hour away. As she was leaving, she realized she left her driver’s license at the dealership with Slaven.

She claimed she called Slaven asking if she could send him $5 via CashApp in order for him to mail it back to her. Bryan reportedly told her he wouldn’t be back in the office until Monday. Jefferson told him she would call him when he was back in the office so that she could retrieve her license.

After the exchange, according to Jefferson, she received a text message.

“Hi Leah, were you a recent customer at NH Auto Sales? There’s a disturbing video I believe the owner posted regarding your ID,” the text message read.

She was stunned to see the video, first posted by Slaven himself, of her driver’s license being urinated on.

A screenshot of the viral video of Jefferson’s driver’s license being urinated on by a Kenosha, Wisconsin, car salesman. (Photo: Facebook/Leah Jefferson)

The now-viral video shows a man holding Jefferson’s license saying, “This is what happens…when you say stupid s—t to us.”

While the identity of men is unconfirmed. Jefferson believe Slaven and Zach Brugioni were holding the license and recording the incident,

Another voice can be heard in the background, instructing the man with the license to place it on the bumper of a truck.

The man with the license in hand adjusts it on the back bumper of a beige-colored pickup truck with a Wisconsin license plate that reads SG3539. Once adjusted, he pulls out his genitals with his back to the recording camera and begins urinating on the driver’s license.

The man urinates on the license until it slides off the bumper and onto the ground. The video ends with a still image of a Trump Hotels doormat.

The video garnered swift condemnation from social media.

Julie Sanders on Facebook exclaimed the man on the video should be criminally charged.

“This is beyond disgusting. She needs to sue his racist behind! Also, the kind of damage this will do to his business will be irreparable and I am HERE FOR IT,” Charity Willard Eigenberger wrote on Facebook.

Jefferson has received large amounts of online support since sharing her experience. On Feb. 27, Jefferson wrote on social media that Budget Motors of Wisconsin has offered to gift her a free car, and another local car detailing business offered her free detail service.

Leah Jefferson of Milwaukee, Wisconsin went to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to purchase a car, but left empty handed and her driver’s license was later discovered urinated on in a viral video. (Photo: Facebook/Leah Jefferson)

The NH Auto Sales, LLC has reportedly received an onslaught of negative feedback and reviews since the urinating video went viral.

Kenosha Police Department posted on its Facebook page it is investigating the incident.

“KPD is also aware that this video has been viewed a lot! We are aware of the threats being made to the immature culprits and their business,” police said in a post.

“While we can understand that viewing this video causes emotional reactions, we cannot and will not tolerate any acts of violence towards those responsible or associated with the business,” the police continued.

Some Kenosha residents online appear dissatisfied with the police’s response to the viral video so far.

“Immature? How about illegal? Her personal information was posted as well! And the dealership does not even have a valid business license. So what is Kenosha doing about this?” Lisa Regnier wrote on Facebook.

Atlanta Black Star reached out to Kenosha police to learn if any arrests or charges had been filed, but our requests were not immediately returned.

Jefferson did not immediately return our requests for further comment since police announced its investigation.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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