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‘That S— Coulda Went All The Way Left’: Lyfe Jennings Says He Was Robbed of Bag Containing Jewelry and Other Items Worth $120K By Two Men in Oakland

Lyfe Jennings says he was robbed of $120,000 worth of jewelry while he was in Oakland, California, to perform. The “Never Never Land” singer performed several shows at Yoshi’s last weekend.

Jennings shared the news on his Instagram page and said that the thieves stole his identification, credit cards, passport, and computer. The 44-year-old rapper also said the robbers stole $120,000 worth of jewelry that was inside his book bag along with the other items taken.

Lyfe Jennings
Lyfe Jennings. (Photo: @lyfejennings/Instagram.)

“Listen, I wasn’t even really gonna speak on this,” he said, adding that most cats in his position wouldn’t. “I’m gonna speak on it because I don’t know, I’m in the mind frame right now that a lot of things that happen in your life is meant to be spoke on so somebody else can get something from it.”

Jennings detailed what was stolen on the video and also described his reaction to the theft.

“I’m in Oakland today, you all know, four sold-out shows and I just come off stage, not even five minutes ago, um and I got down to Oakland, you know, I pulled up to this spot, again, another place I wasn’t supposed to be,” he continued. “Pulled up to a spot, went inside, saw some cats, blew up and basically, um, busted the windows out of the thing and like, snatched my little book bag. It’s like $120,000 worth of jewelry in there, my computer, my ID, passport, credit cards, all that s—.”

Jennings noted that he was upset but also said he thought about how things could have gone another way if he’d had his bag on him.

“That s— coulda went all the way left,” he said. “I coulda had all that s— on me.”

The “Stick Up Kid” singer went on to give the thieves some advice by suggesting that it wasn’t a bad thing to change your life, noting that he himself used to be on the wrong side of the law. Jennings was convicted of arson back in 1992 in Ohio and spent 10 years in prison.

“Who the f— is we tryin’ to impress or tryin’ to convince that, you know, we still out here about that life? ‘Cuz I know I’m not. I used to be,” he said. “I’m not out here with bangers no more… I just really wanted to share this because it might be somebody that’s got their foot straddlin’ right now that’s still tryin’ to be somethin’, you know what I’m sayin’, that they’re not anymore. It ain’t a bad thing not to be a certain way because that’s called growth. In order to be something else, you have to let somethin’ else go.”

The “Must Be Nice” singer even got a little happy imagining the robbers opening his bag and being excited by seeing the fruits of their heist. Jennings noted that he would like his computer back though because it’s locked, and they can’t use it.

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