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‘Y’all Couldn’t Have at Least Put a Mustache on Him’: Will Smith Responds After Fans Call Him Out for Using Stunt Double In ‘Bad Boys 2’

Will Smith wants to know how fans were able to catch his stunt double in a scene from “Bad Boys 2.” 

The Academy Award winner stitched a fan’s video that captured his character hitting a high-speed U-turn in a car after stating, “I done just got mad.” 

Will Smith. (Photo: @willsmith/Instagram)

“I aint think y’all would see that,” Smith comically said in his video.

The recording reached over 1.5 million likes, with over 23,900 comments from fans who found his reaction hilarious. 

“More like Won’t Smith.”

“I mean y’all couldn’t have at least put a mustache on him?”

“Editor forgot to remove the stunt masters face.”

TikTok user @Cigarp33 recorded his TV as he watched the action/adventure film and paused his screen on Smith’s character just as he was turning his car around. The keen-eyed social media user noticed then that the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” actor was not actually behind the wheel in the shot of the impressive care maneuver being executed. 

It was apparent that the 54-year-old actor was replaced with a stunt double because the person who occupied the driver’s seat had a shaved face, while Smith rocked a goatee throughout the movie.

“This Is Not Will Smith,” they wrote over the hilarious realization as laughter exited from behind the camera. 

The fan’s original video obtained more than 99,000 views and many comments wondering how the user was able to spot the discrepancy in such a quick scene. 

Hopefully, Smith’s been practicing his high-speed turns so that he can successfully perform them for the next installation of “Bad Boys 4.”

Back in January, Smith and his “Bad Boys” co-star, Martin Lawrence, announced that they are reuniting for another movie in their popular franchise. 

They both uploaded a video onto their respective Instagram pages that showed the “Summertime” rapper on his way to the “Martin” actor’s mansion, where they revealed the news

The comical video included a mini discourse about the film’s title, since their third movie, which was released in 2020, was titled, “Bad Boys For Life.”

“We shouldn’t have called it that though, the three was the ‘E,’ but this is Bad Boys 4 it’s official,” Smith stated.

Their reunion video received over 8 million plays from fans who didn’t shy away from expressing excitement for the new movie.

“Bout that time”

“Yassss Will & Marty Mar”

“Bad Boys Back 4 More Let’s goooo!”

“Bad Boys” first came out in 1995 and made 141.4 million at the box office. Their second film came out 8 years later and dominated the box office making $273 worldwide. 

In 2020, Smith and Lawrence were back together for their third adaptation and made $426.5 million worldwide. “Bad Boys For Life” also became the fourth highest-grossing film in January 2020. 

It is obvious the film franchise’s popularity has sustained and even grown over the past 20 years.

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