Xzibit Selling His Mansion for Nearly $4 Million Months After Estranged Wife Requests ‘Lifelong’ Spousal Support Amid Nasty Divorce 

Xzibit is reportedly selling his house in Porter Ranch, California, for a listed price of $3.85 million amidst his divorce from Krista Joiner. The 5,710-square-foot residence was featured in Architectural Digest on Jan. 26.

The home features five bedrooms and six bathrooms, as well as two kitchens. It also has a built-in fire pit and features a swimming pool overlooking Los Angeles with a swim-up bar and baja shelf.

Xzibit. (Photo: @xzibit / Instagram)

Joiner filed for divorce back in 2021 after dating the 48-year-old rapper for 20 years and being married for six. Xzibit requested that the judge not award Joiner any spousal support due to his tour and other appearances being canceled during the pandemic. However, Joiner claimed that Xzibit earns at least $1 million monthly from his cannabis business with Dr. Dre, Brass Knuckles. She also accused the “Get Your Walk On” artist of having $20 million stashed in vaults, which he denied.

Photo: The Luxury Level
Xzibit is reportedly selling his house in Porter Ranch, California, for a listed price of $3.85. Photo: The Luxury Level

The West Coast native was ordered to pay Joiner nearly $6,000 monthly in support back in July. According to RadarOnline, the judge ordered Xzibit to pay $2,239 monthly in child support until their son Gatlyn, 10, turns 18. The judge also ordered him to pay $3,702 monthly in temporary spousal support.

In November, Joiner filed for “lifelong” spousal support she claims Xzibit promised her in an “oral contract.” The rapper responded and said Joiner, with years of experience in the beauty industry, is able to work but refuses. The court appointed an official to conduct a vocational evaluation.

Xzibit and Dr. Dre won a breach of contract lawsuit last summer from three individuals who claimed they were promised a stake in their cannabis company. The plaintiffs claimed they were promised a 14.5 percent stake in the company for $5 million back in 2018 with the understanding that Brass Knuckles was worth $50 million. Upon learning the company was worth $170 million, the individuals sued for breach of contract and monetary damages.

The ‘Best of Things” rapper posted a message on Instagram noting that they’d won the lawsuit.

“The truth shall always prevail,” he wrote. “Took about 4 years but defended @xzibit, et Al in this case and sued their a**s back too. Plaintiff took ZERO not one penny. We will never back down to BS. People can say whatever they want but be sure to stand up and fight back for what’s right! Case closed notice of settlement publicly filed!”

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