‘Mama Gave Us the Bible’: Angela Bassett Shares Her Disciplined Food and Diet Regime In Resurfaced Clip, and It’s Everything Fans Have Been Waiting For

Angela Bassett and her ageless beauty may very well be the eighth wonder of the world. For years, the actress has stunned fans with her unmatched ability to maintain her youthfulness. 

In a resurfaced interview from 2018, Bassett revealed that her secrets to remaining vibrant as she ages are as simple as making self-care and wellness a priority. Tip one, get a good aesthetician to maintain a flawless face. The actress noted that this especially comes in handy when she is working and has to wear copious amounts of makeup. 

Angela Bassett. (Photo: @im.angelabassett/Instagram.)

Next up, mind what you consume. “You can out eat any exercise routine, so you gotta eat right, clean, at least 80-85% of the time,” said Bassett, 64, explained to journalist Laila Muhammad during a June 2018 sit-down. 

The two-time Academy Award nominee then explained that having a meal plan in place is equally as important. “Follow a plan that’s not too restrictive,” she said. “I follow one that sort of cycles through: Monday-Tuesday I may eat carbs [and] fruit, Tuesday-Wednesday I may eat proteins [and] veggies, veggies everyday and no fat those four days, and the last three days I flood it with fat, good fat though.”

Another key anchor in her regime is that it excludes dairy and flour bread, instead opting for sprouted bread. In the end, the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” actress said, “Now I done told you what to do, and it don’t work unless I do it.”

Fans who found the resurfaced clip on The Jasmine Brand’s Instagram page this week were floored to finally have insight into her approach to looking flawless and snatched. “I love this. She didn’t just say “work out and eat right.” She gave mind, body and souls blueprint. And it’s REASONABLE!!” wrote one person.

“Me: writing down everything she’s saying word for word bar for bar cus I tell everyone I wanna be like Angela when I grown up,” read another comment. 

“It’s giving Beyoncé when she gave us her regime in the Homecoming documentary! Sis said she was hungry,” wrote another user. A third said, “Mama gave us the bible.”

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