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‘Not Holy Yolanda’: Fans Are Shocked After Yolanda Adams Threatens to ‘Drag’ Tamar Braxton In ‘Kingdom Business’

Tamar Braxton is back to reprise her role Sasha for season two of one of the talked-about dramas on BET and BET+, “Kingdom Business.” The 45-year-old singer shared the exciting news on Instagram, attached with a short clip of what fans can expect from her character.

“I am so happy and proud to tell you that “Sasha” is back on the 2nd season of #kingdombusiness on @bet and @betplus  thanks to our AMAZING cast and executives this is going to be a BOMB DO NOT MISS season!!” Braxton wrote.

She continued writing, “Don’t miss out on Wednesdays at 9/8 central!! Your life has been MADE!!! on @bet and get ready, get ready, get ready.” 

The short clip gave fans a taste of what drama is scheduled to unfold without giving away too much for the rest of the season. Fans were shown a heated conversation between her character and Denita Jordan, aka Lady Leslie, portrayed by Grammy Award-winning gospel singer Yolanda Adams.

(L) Yolanda Adams and (R) Tamar Braxton (Pictured: @yolandaadams/Instagram, @tamarbraxton/Instagram.)

“Thou shall not gossip,” said Braxton at the beginning of the video. As the quick clip reached its midpoint, Adams’ character can be seen threatening Braxton’s character by saying, “I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but I won’t hesitate to drag you and that raggedy wig out of here myself.”

Braxton arrogantly reacted by pointing her phone directly in Adams’ face and asking her to repeat the statement for her to record on camera.

Well, it turns out Yolanda Adams threatening to “drag someone” was all the incentive fans needed to give “Kingdom Business” a watch. Fans in the comments were shocked at Adams while others used her gospel songs and lyrics to make jokes about her shocking behavior.

“Not Yolanda! I thought she was trynna open up her heart!”

“Yolanda dragging people in the midst of it all”

“Not Holy Yolanda dragging people out dey wigs chile”

“Kingdom Business” is an American musical drama TV series that follows Adams, who plays a gospel superstar that hit a roadblock in her career. Trying to find a new sound that fans will positively receive, her son Taj, portrayed by Chaundre A. Hall-Broomfield, decides to sign an exotic dancer, portrayed by actress Serayah, who has a passion for singing.

In a 2022 interview about the show, Adams explained how those working behind the scenes were able to combine the gospel and strip club-like aspects together for the show

“Let’s just be truthful, life has all types of elements, all types of people, all types of careers. So, you have to be able to navigate all of those because at the end of the day everyone is worth redeeming, everyone is worth forgiving, and everyone is worth the love of God.” 

Adam’s brother in Christ and gospel companion Kirk Franklin acts as an executive producer of “Kingdom Business,” which airs new episodes Wednesday nights on BET and BET+.

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