‘Way Too Much OMG’: Fans Call Chris Brown A ‘Hoarder’ After Turning His Insane Wardrobe Into a Department Store in Front of His Home

Chris Brown’s collection of clothes grew so extensively that he needed to construct another place to store some of his apparel. 

Earlier this week, the “Go Crazy” singer posted a video on his Instagram story showing fans his new “department store outside of my house” in Tarzana, California. C. Breezy’s warehouse-like space held an abundance of hoodies, jackets, shirts, and other items.

Chris Brown shows off his clothing collection. (Pictured: @chrisbrownofficial/Instagram.)

Brown’s railing of clothes whipped around the entire depository, and according to him, “There’s still more; you feel me?”

The 33-year-old jokingly shaded people who consider themselves to have a high love of fashion, comparing their quantity of clothes to his. 

“All that fake cappin’ bout y’all got drip man, come see me, you heard me!” he continued.

His video received a variety of remarks from fans who made suggestions about what they believe he should do with the massive collection. 

“Give it to the homeless [shrug emoji].”

“Y’all telling a man what to do with his hard earned money. How about y’all get money up and help the homeless, he’s not obligated to do s–t.”

“Bro didn’t he have a yard sale on clothes a couple years ago?” 

“Basically he is a hoarder.”

“Way too much omg where would you even where that many clothes you can’t have that many events in your life or maybe he does who knows.”

In 2019, Brown put his address online and held a huge yard sale in front of his house where fans from all over were welcomed to purchase clothes the Grammy Award-winning artist no longer wanted. 

Many did not hesitate to show up bright and early on Nov. 6 to obtain items from his closet. A video from KCAL News showed a massive crowd of folks wrapped around Brown’s block, patiently waiting to pick through tents of clothes for 20 minutes.

Brown’s garage sale ended up receiving notice from cops who tried to shut the entire showing down days earlier. A source told TMZ that an “LAPD officer went to his home Tuesday telling his people they couldn’t have a garage sale because they don’t have a permit.” 

Brown got his lawyer involved; the lawyer rejected the cops’ claims and fired back with knowledge surrounding permits not being a requirement where Brown resided — and still currently resides. 

After their first failed attempt, cops tried again to get Brown’s sale shut down but were unsuccessful.

As for a professional update on Brown these days: He’s preparing to head overseas for the Europe edition of his “Under the Influence Tour.”

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