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Death of Ms. Holla, the Sassy Social Media Grandma Who Made the World Laugh with Her Blue Jokes Reveals Family In-Fighting: ‘Everything Was Fine Until She Became Monetized’

One of social media’s brightest stars and Black TikTok’s favorite grandmother transitioned over the weekend, leaving many in and outside of her immediate family heartbroken.

However, after her death, it seems that many in her family are fighting over money.

On Saturday, Jan. 14, Ms. Holla, a raunchy-mouthed-tell-it-like-it-is internet personality, transitioned after a valiant battle with breast cancer, family members have revealed on social media. Holla’s real name was Helen Davis, but she rose to notoriety as Queen Holla of Lottery Frappe and Laughs on social media.

Helen “Ms. Holla” Davis (Photo: Twitter/Bianca Del Rio)

The East St. Louis, Illinois, woman was 97 years old.

According to Michelle Williams, Holla’s granddaughter, days before her death, the family’s infighting over Holla was made public.

Williams states in a video shared on Instagram Live and TikTok that she never intended for the information to be shared with fans, but someone who “pumped the same blood” in their veins that she does, made the first move on social.

The granddaughter says the issue surrounds allegations of exploitation of Holla in her last days. Williams states it is more than that. It has everything to do with greed, entitlement and money.

“It feels like they’re entitled. At the end of the day, I don’t owe nobody nothing and Holla don’t owe nobody nothing. This is something we did,” she says in a video.

Williams said there wasn’t a “problem” until money started to get made.

“Everything was fine until she became monetized … I didn’t hear from you could hear a pin drop in that house but until she became monetized.”

She said helping Holla become a social media influencer allowed her to do things she was never able to do in her life before.

It also allowed her to provide for Holla in her last days. Because of the success of something no one expected, like many other social media stars, Williams put all her focus on making Holla the business.

Williams said, “I did the very best that I could for my grandmother. In the midst of all that, I had to not only take care of her, my kids, myself … people gonna clown me cause I quit my job.” In her eyes, she made “a way” for Holla and is sorry for having to clarify with the fans something like this.

She doesn’t regret, however, making her grandmother a star.

After popping off on TikTok in August 2021 and constantly going viral on other video-sharing platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, the older woman became an instant sensation. Many described her as the feisty grandmother that so many can’t wait to become.

Her signature move was to break the fourth wall while talking to people on Instagram and YouTube live, switching from a fresh and vulgar mouth to a then syrupy sweet whisper with a sinister smile. During her online sessions with people, she would also give out advice to her followers, curse out family members and give commentary on current events.

She told stories about her sexual escapades. Holla even had an online boyfriend. Celebrities would sometimes appear on her Instagram Lives.

The family enjoyed gifts from her supporters via Cash App to help with some of her care. Now, because she didn’t have life insurance, the family has set up a to assist with her homegoing celebration and within seconds of it posting the donations started to flood in.

Within two hours of its launch, her supporters surpassed the $10,000 goal.

Posted by Williams, the campaign noted, “She did not have life insurance. If you would like to make a donation towards her homegoing, anything will help. Thank you for your continuous prayers and support at this difficult time.”

People loved her, and she loved them. This is made obvious by the outpouring of love her family has received since the sad news was made public.

In one tweet, a fan posted a quick video from Holla from 2022, where she said, “Keep it real. That’s all I ask. Keep it real,”

“So, take care of yourself, and I am so glad we had this little time together,” she sweetly continued. “Thanks for everything. Keep praying for me. It’s out of my hands.”

“I wanna thank y’all so much for the smiles y’all put on her face,” the granddaughter shared. “She passed away in her sleep. She went out peacefully. … What’s really keeping together y’all is she’s not in pain anymore, no more cancer, no more morphine.”

Arrangements for Holla’s funeral services have not been announced, but they are expected to be posted on social media.

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