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‘We Put Her In Office… We’re Screwed’: Houston Cop Who Pledged to Get Rid of ‘Bullies In Blue’ In Mayoral Race Accused of Abusing Boyfriend with Police-Issued Baton, Taser

A Missouri City, Texas, police officer seeking to be Houston mayor is facing domestic violence allegations from her boyfriend after using her police-issued weapons to beat and batter him.

The officer and would-be politician has been taken into custody, and many wonder what this means for her candidacy.

Mayoral Candidate Robin Williams Arrested
Mayoral candidate and Missouri Officer Robin Williams has been accused of using police-issued weapons to abuse her boyfriend. (Photo: Robin Williams Campaign)

“Wow! This isn’t her first or last time doing something like this,” wrote one social media user. “We put her in office, and we’re screwed.”

On Tuesday, Jan. 10, Officer Robin Williams, 32, was arrested and charged with continuous violence against the family, a felony.

Court documents allege Williams used her fists, baton, and Taser to assault her boyfriend. After the second time, he called the authorities. She was arrested by Harris County Precinct 7 deputy constables while in a meeting with her supervisors at the Missouri City Police Department while off duty, Click 2 Houston reports.

Williams, who is also a retired Marine, was booked in the Harris County Jail.

On Wednesday, Jan. 11, a judge in a probable cause hearing set her bond at $15,000 with the conditions she should have no contact with the victim, relinquish possession of her firearm and suspend her concealed carry permit. According to court documents, prosecutors are asking for her bond to be set at $20,000.

According to KHOU 11, a domestic disturbance call was made on New Year’s Eve from Williams’ residence. A man alleged his girlfriend assaulted him with her police baton, the Harris County Precinct 7 Constable’s Office reported.

Court records state the victim said his girlfriend punched him in the mouth, drawing blood during a dispute. The woman had arrived home earlier than anticipated and started an argument.

The victim then showed the on-the-scene deputy a video from August. It reportedly depicts Williams arguing with the man in their home as he recorded. She reportedly takes out her baton and repeatedly strikes him, accusing him of breaking her $2,000 phone. According to the victim, Williams went into their bedroom during a different summertime dispute, retrieved her department-issued Taser, and fired it at him.

After this confrontation, the victim says he was left with pain and knots all over his body.

Ironically, one of Williams’ talking points on her campaign page to become Houston’s next mayor is she will “address all crime.”

She also has pushed the slogan “Back the Blue but not bullies in blue.”

However, many have expressed concern about her leadership and the power she yields as a member of law enforcement and wonder how she would run the city.

“Yeah, it’s a scary thought to think [about]. Here’s the thing that’s a concern for me,” a social media user wrote. “She probably has done this before, meaning other officers turned a blind eye to her behavior. That also means she turned a blind eye to other officers and their bad behavior. Meaning she’s going to create an environment of officers thinking any abuse to anyone is okay because ‘She’s one of ours.'”

Williams’ campaign has not released a statement, and the social media page for the mayoral race has been disabled.

The Missouri City Police Chief has not yet responded to charges against their officer.

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