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‘Let Him Enjoy His Fantasy’: Kirk Franklin’s Son Kerrion Wonders Why He Wasn’t Included In Their Family Christmas Photos

Kirk Franklin’s son Kerrion wants to know why he wasn’t included in his father’s family Christmas photo. 

The 34-year-old reposted his father’s Instagram post that showed Franklin all smiles with his wife Tammy Collins, their three kids Kennedy, Caziah and Carrington Franklin, along with Carrington’s husband and child. 

“I’m never invited to these pics. Let him enjoy his fantasy,” Kerrion wrote on the top of the photo.


In Franklin’s post he issued a message to his 2.6 million followers noting that he is not the perfect father, husband, nor Christian but suggested people, “take the pressure” off themselves and “love the flaws, the failures and blemishes of your human family.”

The gospel singer continued, “I love mine, and I thank God that they love me through my process… perfectly. Merry Christmas.” 

(From left) Maxx Nakwaasah, Carrington Franklin-Nakwaasah, the couple’s young child, Kirk Franklin, Kennedy Franklin, Tammy Collins-Franklin, Caziah Franklin. @kirkfranklin/Instagram

Many fans in his comment section declared the exact same statement as his oldest son, asking questions about Kerrion’s whereabouts. 

“Isn’t there someone missing?”

“If there’s no perfect family, where’s Kerrion?”

Although some fans stridently expressed their thoughts about Kerrion’s absence, others were more upbeat. 

“Looking forward to the day Kerrion is there too. Still praying for the reconciliation and healing. I know God can do it. Beautiful family.” 

“Praying for Kerrion to be in the one next year. God can do it.”

This isn’t the first time the “Now Behold the Lamb” choir director’s post was derailed by fans bringing up his eldest son. 

Back in September, fans wondered where Kerrion was after Franklin uploaded photos of his daughter Kennedy and son Caziah sharing that he traveled to Atlanta and then to Nashville to see both of his children. 

Writing in an Instagram post that he would “do it every day” if he could prompted fans to mention Kerrion and ask if he’d visit him every day. 

Though the two men might not have the best relationship at this moment, Franklin still managed to help his son get released from jail following Kerrion’s two month jailing after a traffic stop about his taillight turned into him driving a car that belonged to a woman who was presumed to be dead. 

Kerrion has previously spoken out about his toxic relationship with his father, even going to the lengths of leaking an audio showing Franklin cursing him out. 

Franklin has yet to publicly respond to Kerrion’s post.

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