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HGTV’s Egypt Sherrod Warns Fans After Reportedly Spotting a Humane Trafficking Attempt at Gas Station 

Real estate broker and television personality Egypt Sherrod is warning fans of what she claims are human trafficking tactics that could be lurking at gas stations. 

In a new Instagram post captured outside a gas station in the Atlanta suburb of Kennesaw, Georgia, the host of HGTV’s “Married to Medicine” claims she witnessed a man place a contaminated piece of tissue on a gas pump handle in an attempt to … something. 

In the clip, Egypt explained, “I’m out getting a tank of gas, and I watched a man put this on a gas handle, and I just to run over to tell the little girl not to touch it,” as she walked over to show the fans the gas pump. “I watched him do this,” the 46-year-old added. 

Sherrod warned others, “So if you ever find yourself at a gas station and a tissue is on the handle or you come back to your vehicle and see a tissue on the handle, DO NOT TOUCH IT AT ALL.” She added, “Because this is what traffickers are doing. They’re putting a toxin on the tissue, and then they’re putting it on a place where you have to touch. And then they’re waiting for you to pass out.”

The HGTV star panned the camera behind her to show the person she claimed was the would-be poisoner, saying, “He just walked away ’cause he heard me talking about it.” 

Sherrod reflected on the incident in her caption, writing, “Aughhh you hear about this stuff, but to literally witness a set up in action makes my heart beat out of my chest,” before adding, “This literally just happened in Kennesaw. I am so grateful GOD placed me at this gas station at this exact time to tell this young lady DO NOT TOUCH. Cops were called!” 

Sherrod’s social media followers were also thankful for her post. The media personality received praise and admiration for sharing what she encountered and spreading awareness of what they seemed to believe is problem of people inducing others to pass at gas pumps in America, including one Instagram follower who wrote, “You are visibly shaken. I’m glad you helped that young lady. So glad. Please be careful out there.”

Another person added, “Oh my goodness. So thankful you were there in that moment!!! Thank you for sharing this information. So so important.”

When one critic asked, “Did you call the police” after learning that the man was still at the gas station, Sherrod explained, “Honestly I was so nervous and in disbelief. She pulled up right after he did it so I ran over and told her. He saw me and he saw me filming.”

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