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Toni Braxton’s Dating History: From Keri Lewis to Birdman

Toni Michelle Braxton is an R & B singing legend who has sold over 70 million records worldwide. Braxton first began performing back in the late 1980s with her family group, “The Braxtons,” who were signed to Arista Records.

After going solo in the 1990s, Toni Braxton quickly became one of the most decorated female artists in history winning seven Grammy Awards, seven American Music Awards, and nine Billboard Music Awards. Talents aside, Braxton hasn’t had the best of luck with men. Though Toni Braxton’s dating history isn’t as long as most, she’s had relationships or has been linked to different men in the entertainment industry from Eddie Murphy to Birdman and many people want to know who Toni Braxton is dating now.

Who Is Toni Braxton Dating Now?

Toni Braxton Photo:@tonibraxton/Instagram

Toni Braxton was recently engaged to rapper Baby, aka Birdman, for a few years, but, it seems the two have gone their separate ways. Toni Braxton appears to be single.

Braxton has managed to keep her personal and love life pretty quiet these past few years, however, we’ve managed to obtain a timeline of Toni Braxton’s past relationships.

Toni Braxton’s Dating Timeline

Before her engagement to Birdman, Braxton reportedly dated a number of men, including Shemar Moore, Eddie Murphy, Frankie Beverly, Bryant Reid, and Curtis Martin.

Let’s take a deep dive into Toni Braxton’s relationships including her marriage to Keri Lewis, and her alleged love triangle involving Jason Kidd and Jim Jackson.

Toni Braxton and Birdman (2016 — January 2019) (November 2019 — 2020)

Birdman In Danger of Losing Music Studio
Toni Braxton and Birdman. (Photo: Screenshot from YouTube)

Though Braxton and Birdman met back in 2002 after the record producer was featured on Birdman’s single, “Baby Can You Do It” they simply sustained a platonic relationship despite having a romantic connection.

Fast-forward to 2016, when rumors first began to swirl about Braxton and Birdman after TMZ reported that the “Bugatti” rapper accompanied Braxton for her Grammy Park performance in Brooklyn, New York.

In February 2018, news broke that Birdman proposed to Toni with a $5 million engagement ring that Braxton later reported stolen in November 2018.

Did Toni Braxton and Birdman Break up?

Although the couple had initially planned to be wed by the end of 2018, they called in quits at the top of 2019.

Birdman posted a tweet on Jan. 2019 that read, “It’s Over” that was quickly deleted. Braxton removed all of her photos from her account and uploaded a singular photo of herself with the caption, “Starting a new chapter isn’t always an easy choice… but always choose to be chosen. Cheers to a new year.”

News of reconciliation began to spread in November 2019 after Birdman tweeted that Braxton was his “love,” “soldier,” and “life.”

Where Do They Stand Now?

Despite theories of a reunion, Birdman and Braxton never officially said “I Do” and no longer have any traces of each other on their social media accounts. Though last time fans saw them together was in 2020, Toni’s sister, Tamar Braxton, said that they are still in love during a 2021 interview with “The Morning Hustle.”

Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis (1999 – July 2013)

Keri Lewis and Toni Braxton. (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

Before Birdman Toni Braxton married Keri Lewis. Braxton and Lewis met while on tour together. Lewis and his group “Mint Condition” opened up for Braxton.

On April 21, 2001, Braxton got married to Keri Lewis and they were married for 12 years. The now ex-couple had two beautiful boys together, 21-year-old Denim Cole and 19-year-old Diezel Ky.

Trouble In Paradise

In 2007, Toni announced that she and Lewis were separating due to financial problems. Their divorce was finalized in 2013. In a 2018 “Red Table Talk,” Braxton revealed money wasn’t the only cause of their divorce. She also noted that her diagnoses of lupus played a factor in their failed marriage.

She told Jada Pinkett and Pinkett’s mother, “I couldn’t make money because I had lupus… That was my personal contribution to the marriage failing. Who wants to take care of a person who’s sick all the time?”

Toni Braxton and Eddie Murphy (2012)

Eddie Murphy. (Photo: YiuTube screenshot)

Yup, that’s right. Speculations surrounding a romance with comedian Eddie Murphy began making the rounds even though Braxton was still connected Keri Lewis.

Murphy quickly shut down any rumors about his relationship with Braxton and told Access Hollywood they were “just friends.”

Toni Braxton and Curtis Martin (September 1996 — May 1998)

Curtis Martin. (Photo: @curtismartin28/Instagram)

Toni Braxton and NFL star Martin met after Braxton’s security guard introduced them and insisted they date.

Braxton was reportedly head over heels in love with Martin, but unfortunately for her Martin ended things due to her bankruptcy in 1998.

She told Newsweek in a 2000 interview, “My boyfriend left me in the middle of my bankruptcy. I think it was too much for him.”

Toni Braxton and Jim Jackson and Jason Kidd (1996)

Jim Jackson (left), Jason Kidd (right). (Photos: @jimjackson2224/Instagtam, @coachjasonkidd/Instagram)

In early 1996, Toni Braxton was allegedly involved in a love triangle that “broke up” the Dallas Mavericks’ Triple J team.

Apparently, Braxton and NBA star Jason Kidd had plans to hang out which switched over to her hanging out with Jackson, thus causing a rift between the two players.

Not long afterward, Kidd was traded to the Phoenix Suns in December 1996 and Jackson was traded to the New Jersey Nets in February 1997.

The Truth Is Revealed

Although Braxton kept this particular part of her love life private, noting that she doesn’t “kiss and tell,” both Jackson and Kidd have publicly denied Braxton interfering with their basketball relationship.

According to our records, there is no proof that Toni dated both men or that she was behind their fallout.

Toni Braxton and Shemar Moore (November 1994 — May 1995)

Toni Braxton and Shemar Moore during the “How Many Ways” music video. (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

Shemar Moore became Toni Braxton’s boyfriend after they met in Miami for Toni’s music video, “How Many Ways.”

They instantly had a connection and Moore even talked about his relationship with the singer calling it a “wild ride”

Toni Braxton and Bryant Reid (May 1993 — August 1994)

Bryant Reid. (Photo: @bryantwreid/Instagram)

Bryant Reid helped construct Braxton’s writing and producing team in the early 1990s. The two began to date, but Braxton called it off a year and three months later for reasons unknown.

Toni Braxton and Frankie Beverly (1993)

Frankie Beverly. (Photo: @mazefeaturingfrankiebeverly/Instagram)

While it is unclear how they met, Braxton and Frankie Beverly were in fact an item and even performed together in 1993 for the holidays. Their relationship didn’t last long and neither one has spoken about each other since the end of their relationship.

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