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‘One Thing You Gone Do is Give Face’: Toni Braxton’s Vegas ‘Photo Dump’ Leaves Fans Speechless

Within the past month, Toni Braxton has made headlines for several reasons, including a debate regarding her infamous pixie cut and the earnings she made for Burna Boy’s “Last Last” single, which sampled her “He Wasn’t Man Enough” hit from the 1990s.

On July 14, the conversation shifted to the singer’s beauty after Braxton uploaded a Las Vegas photo dump on her Instagram account. A photo dump consists of an individual sharing a series of unrelated images in one post. 

?One Thing You Gone Do is Give Face?: Toni Braxton?s Vegas ?Photo Dump? Leaves Fans Speechless
Toni Braxton flooded her fans’ timeline with a Vegas “photo dump” as she attended Cosmoprof beauty trade show last week. Photo:@tonibraxton/Instagram

Braxton, who was in town for the Cosmoprof beauty trade show that featured her line Nude Sugar, was seen posing for the camera as she wore a deep-cut leopard print dress by Sergio Hudson with a few gold jewelry pieces as accessories. These included earrings, a ring and a necklace. 

In addition to the upload, Braxton wrote in the caption, “Photo Dump Vegas Edition #Cosmoprofbeauty.” As fans viewed the upload, many expressed that they were taken aback by Braxton’s beautiful physical appearance. 

“One thing you gone do is give face.”

“You so gorgeous this has to be illegal. ”

“Stunning as usual.”

“Fine ain’t even the description.”

“Just a reign of fine since the beginning of time sis!!!”

Toni Braxton
Toni Braxton Photo:@tonibraxton/Instagram

Among the previous remarks, others brought up how youthful Braxton appeared in the photographs. One wrote, “Love you @tonibraxton. You haven’t aged at all.” Another said while mentioning her age, “Almost 55 years young looking better than ever go Queen.”

A third social media user posted, “you’re really aging backwards.” In 2020, during a tutorial video with Vogue Magazine, Braxton revealed that her beauty secrets consisted of not wearing an ounce of makeup during her leisure time and using a cleanser, a moisturizer and a vibrator to help activate the muscles on her face. 

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