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Fat Joe Tells Uncle Luke ‘Two People Are Right’ On Who Deserves Credit For Discovering Trick Daddy and Pitbull

Uncle Luke recently caught wind of Fat Joe‘s grand remarks about the artists he supposedly discovered during a recent interview. The legendary Miami rapper did not like what he heard, prompting an Instagram Live meeting with the South Bronx emcee.

It all went down following Fat Joe’s appearance on Math Hoffa’s podcast, “My Expert Opinion,” in which he took credit for signing some of hip hop’s biggest acts.

Fat Joe Uncle Luke Miami
Fat Joe and Uncle Luke squash beef about who’s responsible for discovering artist Pitbull and Trick Daddy (Credit: @fatjoe/Instagram/Getty Images)

Now while the “Lean Back” emcee is credited for discovering emcees like DJ Khaled, French Montana, Scott Storch, Remy Ma, and the late Big Pun, his claim that he’s also responsible for artists Pitbull and Trick Daddy alarmed Uncle Luke. 

“French Montana, I put him on. I took his sh-t and made sure they played it. They was never going to play his s–t,” Fat Joe proclaimed around the 1 hour and 57-minute mark of the interview before adding, “Six months later, he was rich.”

He added, “Pitbull – I took his demo and got him signed, Fat Joe!” However, the Terror Squad label founder did not stop there. He continued, “Trick Daddy, I took his s–t and got him signed.” 

Uncle Luke shared Joe’s video clip with a lengthy caption that read, “I love Joe but I find this very interesting because I discovered @trickdaddydollars.”

The former 2 Live Crew frontman said that Trick Daddy “did his first song with me as soon as he got of the lock-up and by he stayed with me” before adding,  “I also discovered signed @pitbull to the platinum selling Luke records label he did his first song’s with me.”

Uncle Luke also shared, “Because I’m from Miami I felt the importance of signing a Cuban rapper so I discovered him off of battle rap tapes.”

He concluded, “Maybe I’m missing something here. I do have the receipts. By the way because you don’t see me all in the videos at the birthday partys yes @djkhaled I found him on underground radio mix 96 brought him to mainstream, radio @99jamzmiami The Luke Show.”

Uncle Luke found plenty of support from fans and fellow musicians, including one social media user who wrote, “Pitbull and Trick Daddy themselves have said it OG, we all know the truth!”

DJ Sam Sneak added, “It’s cool to rewrite your dead homie history but not the n–gaz who still alive.” Rapper Lil Zane wrote, “I be telling people always the first one to ever have pitbull on the song!!! Song called lollipop by.” 

“Wtf is Joe talking about?? Yes put them receipts up. New Yorkers I tell you. Be bragging LOUD AND WRONG sometimes,” commented a fourth.

It wasn’t long before Fat Joe fired back. In a separate video he praised Uncle Luke but claimed that his comments had been taken out of context, stating, “For me to front on Luke is to be fronting on myself, fronting on hip hop. I’m not crazy. I know what it is. I was just speaking a little bit of my truth. Of course, you put on the whole Miami. You discovered everybody.”

“Fat Joe don’t lie, and Fat Joe don’t back down from nothing in the universe,” he added elsewhere.

“I hope we all know this in love. Now, I said what I said. OK? So, I didn’t put on Trick Daddy. What I did do was I came to Miami, his music was rocking all over the streets. I came to Super Bowl and I took—I had no business, nothing to do with discovering Trick Daddy—I took his CD, his demo, his cassette tape…. I don’t even know if Trick Daddy knows this. Once they get Trick involved, you know, Trick crazy, but he’s my brother and I love Trick.”

Uncle Luke and Fat Joe eventually hopped on an IG Live session where they ended their short-lived feud. “I believe this time, I believe two people are right,” said Joe. Luke’s connection on the Live session was shoddy, however, he did affirm Joe’s perspective. Adding that “Everybody became successful,” but they needed someone to co-sign them before.

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