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‘Mini Swizz and AK’: Alicia Keys Gives Thanks for Her Family, Fans Focus on ‘Sweet Video’ with Both Sons Playing the Piano

Alicia Keys is making sure to take time out of her day to celebrate tiny moments that are special within her family. 

The multi-Grammy Award-winning singer uploaded a series of two photos and one video to her Instagram, where fans were able to get a glimpse at what contributes to happiness in her life. 

The first slide was a photo of her husband Swizz Beatz and their two sons, 12-year-old Egypt Dean and 7-year-old Genesis Ali Dean. 

Mini Swizz and AK': Alicia Keys Gives Thanks for Her Family, Fans Focus on 'Sweet Video' with Both Sons Playing the Piano
(L-R) Swizz Beatz, Genisis Dean, Alicia Keys, Egypt Dean

The second slide showed the two boys following in their mother’s footsteps by impressively playing a catchy tune on the piano. Egypt was dedicated to one side of the piano while Genesis’ focus was strictly placed on the other. 

Even with their concentration leaning toward their respective hand movements, the two boys still managed to play in unison with each other. 

Keys’ last slide was a Thanksgiving plate filled with everyone’s favorite dishes. From mac and cheese to candied yams to cabbage to stuffing, the mother of two let her 24.7 million fans know her plate was in fact solid. 

“Giving Thanks,” she started off writing in her Instagram caption. “I grew up an only child So now that I have a family of my own I realize how BIG the simple things are.”

The “Unthinkable” singer decided to name a few things that may seem simple, but are greatly important to her:

“•A day together lazing in bed

•Movie night

•An older brother teaching a younger brother

•Food made with all the love in the world

Happy Sunday to you and yours 💜 Let’s forever remember that the little things are the biggest things 🥰”

Several fan comments noted how meaningful her message was, however the majority of the comments surrounded her talented sons. 

“Oh my! The piano video is the absolute sweetest!”

“The boys are just so into the piano I love it”

“Mini Swizz and AK.”

Talent seemingly runs within her son’s veins. In July, Keys’ older son Egypt shocked the world and performed a four-minute set in front of 17,000 people while attending his mother’s concert in Mannheim, Germany. 

Egypt began playing a song from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind soundtrack entitled “‘il vento d’oro’” and soon transitioned into playing “Merry Go Round Life” from a 2004 Japanese-animated film that also happens to be the Game of Thrones opening theme song. 

It’s safe to say the talents of Keys’ sons continue to amaze not just fans, but mom too. 

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