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‘I Just Want the Body-ody’: LisaRaye McCoy Has a New ‘Bag,’ But Fans Zoom In on Other Assets 

LisaRaye McCoy‘s latest business announcement had an unintended effect when fans began to zero in on the actress’s figure.

In an Instagram post shared earlier this month, McCoy revealed that she partnered with The Louis Stewart Collection, which is described on its official social media page as a luxury accessory line, to design a specialized bag.

I Just Want the Body-ody': LisaRaye McCoy Has a New 'Bag,' But Fans Zoom In on Other Assets?
LisaRaye McCoy’s fans are hypnotized by her body as the actress shows off her purse. @thereallraye1/Instagram

In the promotional clip, the “Cocktail with Queens” co-host was seen entering what appears to be a Rolls-Royce when she informed fans why they should purchase the LisaRaye Signature bag, which is priced at $250. 

McCoy, who wore a multicolored dress, described the all-white purse with her name written on the straps as “classy and unique.” 

The 55-year-old also bragged about the bag’s construction. While praising the purse’s outer appearance, McCoy said, “The hardware is there, honey. When I tell you it’s beautifully made, look at the gold, look at the shine, look at the polish.”

LisaRaye McCoy’s says, “I’m in my bag and you can be too.” @thereallraye1/Instagram

In addition to the video, McCoy wrote the caption, “I’m in my bag and you can be too… Check Out my Signature Bag Collection over at @mrlouisstewart. The holidays are just around the corner & it’s the Perfect Gift idea.”

As fans viewed the recording, many bypassed McCoy’s message and began raving over her slim physique. 

“She look so mfn good I ain’t pay attention to nothing that was advertised or said…. I just saw ‘bae ass’ walking to her car.”

“I just want the body-ody!”

“That body still (fire emoji).”

“LisaRaye! Do you know that you can stop traffic? Natural Beauty.”

“How is Lisa still this fine tho ok ok now I’ll look at the bag.”

In 2020 during an interview with Hello Beautiful magazine, McCoy disclosed her workout regimen. McCoy claimed that she maintains her figure by doing boxing exercises, watching her calorie intake, and detoxing. 

She said, “I love boxing and it allows me to get out some aggression and stress. It keeps me on my diet and when I say diet, it’s about watching what I eat and the calorie intake. I’m not really on a diet per say but I do a lot of detoxing and juicing.”

McCoy added, “Detoxing from when I’m having that sugar rush and I’m eating candy at nighttime or potato chips. Now, maturity has kicked in for my body constantly because being older allows me to accept what I have and not change that for anyone other than myself.”

In the interview, McCoy also mentioned that one thing that motivates her to stay in shape is working in television.

She said, “Knowing that I am on TV helps because I’m vain and I work with my body and face so of course I want to keep that up as most as possible, but I have a pocket or two of cellulite…Maturity has allowed me the confidence I need for my body nowadays.”

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