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Are Latto and 21 Savage Dating? Here Are the Details.

Everything about a celeb’s life has the opportunity of getting exposed, but for rapper Latto, her love life has been a mystery. Many people wonder are Latto and 21 Savage dating? Here’s what we have found.

Make no mistake: The “Big Energy” rapper has been consistently vocal about having a man, fans have just been unable to figure out who her man is. With close investigation though, some fans think they have cracked the code making popular artist 21 Savage, a prime contender in Latto’s successful love life

Why signs point to 21 Savage Being Latto’s Mystery Man. (L) Latto @latto/Instagram (R) 21 Savage @21savage/Instagram

Are Latto and 21 Savage Dating?

Speculations of Latto and Savage first made their rounds in 2021, after they individually posted photos to Instagram showing them vacationing in Puerto Rico. Fans began to conclude the “A Lot” rapper joined Latto on her birthday getaway. 

Latto has avoided answering questions surrounding 21 Savage dating allegations in the past, most notably her 2021 interview with Two Bees TV. When asked to clarify any truth about rapper DreamDoll’s latest song “Tryouts” when she rapped, “Mulatto, that’s my lil honey bun, ask her how many times she c— she said 21.” Latto smoothly responded, “I don’t know, I might have to play it again.” 

While nothing has been confirmed or denied, Latto and 21 are not strangers to each other. The Atlanta natives have collaborated on numerous songs together such as “Pull Up” off of Latto’s first studio album, “Queen of Da Souf” and once again on popular track “Wheelie” from her latest studio album “777.”

Why Does Latto Want to Protect Her Dating Relationship?

In an interview with City Girls Yung Miami for her new podcast, “Caresha Please,” the 23-year-old explained why it’s important for her to keep her love life low profile. 

She explained, “I feel like I got something real and I want to protect it from the world just ’cause I feel like, this s–t is not no PR s–t.” Latto continued, “I just don’t want people all in my business and just assuming s–t and stuff, so it’s like yeah baby you can know it’s that, but you don’t have to know who.” 

It seems as if whoever is keeping Latto happy and spoiled will be kept as a confidential part of her life that only close friends and family may know about. So are Latto and 21 Savage dating? Fans seem to think so.

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