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Dave Chappelle Pledges to Deliver The Blackest Episode of ‘SNL’ Ever Following Criticism Surrounding His Hosting Stint

Many are upset with the writers and producers of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” for calling on Dave Chappelle to host their next episode. The 49-year-old comedian hosted the late-night series twice before taking a beating on social media last year for his controversial remarks about the trans community. The content and commentary from his Netflix special “The Closer” was deemed as transphobic by some, which led to a walkout and protest against the company last fall.

In the latest “SNL” promo video, Chappelle appeared alongside hip hop duo Black Star, which consists of rappers Talib Kewli and Mos Def — the latter of whom hid his face with his hand. Fellow actress and comedian Ego Nwodim was standing at Chappelle’s left when she asked about his Thanksgiving plans.

“I’m just going to be on a farm with the wife and kids and not watch football. You know, have a little pie, that kind of stuff,” he replied.

The nearly one-minute clip features three separate takes of the quartet jokingly amping up their “SNL” episode. They joked about having Chappelle on the show “in this news cycle,” Nwodim said in referring to his past statements.

Chappelle promised to deliver the Blackest episode of “SNL” anyone has ever seen and joked about putting it on another network.

“I am Dave Chappelle, this week I’ll be hosting SNL with musical guests Black Star in an episode that’s so Black it’s going to be on BET,” he said. “Just kidding, it’s gonna be right here on NBC. See ya Saturday.”

With Chappelle as host, some “SNL” staff writers are preparing to walk out or sit out from tomorrow’s show, according to Page Six. He also reportedly attended a meeting with the writers earlier this week, where no one suggested boycotting the series. A close source told the outlet, “They’re not going to do the show. But none of the actors are boycotting.”

Chappelle received an enormous amount of criticism and ridicule from fans, who attempted to cancel him and his accomplished career. And per usual, his dedicated and loyal fanbase came to his defense praising the star’s upcoming performance. A handful referred to his friendship with trans comedian Daphne Dorman, who took her own life in 2019. She was mentioned in both his specials, “Sticks & Stones” and “The Closer.”

One person tweeted, “Y’all trippin’ Dave Chappelle ain’t transphobic. Clearly, y’all ain’t watched any of his specials about daphne or whatever her name was who sadly died. He’s a comedian. One of the classic ones. I will NOT be sitting this one out.”

Another said, “Maybe SNL will be funny this weekend since the writers are boycotting because of Dave Chappell hosting. The show is still to biased for me to watch.”

A third commentator wrote, “Dave Chappell is imo one of the funniest comedians. I haven’t watched SNL in years, but I will to watch Chappell.”

Watch Dave Chappelle and Black Star on “SNL” airing live from New York on Saturday, Nov. 12.

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