‘His Life Has Not Even Started’: 7-Month-Old Mauled by Pit Bull Left with Fractured Skull, ‘Fighting for Life’ in Intensive Care

A Washington, D.C., infant is currently in a neonatal intensive care unit recovering from a fractured skull and facing brain damage after he was attacked by two pit bulls.

Semaj’s mother said she left the 7-month-old on Nov. 3 with his caregiver, who, unbeknownst to her, left him with someone else while she ran errands, according to an online fundraiser. That person’s dogs attacked the child, who has been identified only as Semaj S., and an adult, who is the dogs’ owner’s daughter, according to reports.

The baby’s family said they are overwhelmed and hoping he will continue to recover, but life might not be the same for him.

Semaj was reportedly attacked by pit bulls on Nov. 3. (Photo: GoFundMe)

“This is just unbelievable,” the victim’s aunt told local station Fox 5. “Something that we would’ve never thought would have happened to us. It is hard, it is stressful, it is sad. We really just need some prayers and some support for my nephew. He is really fighting for his life.”

Washington DC Metropolitan Police spokesperson Officer Hugh Carew told The Washington Post that the dogs were “contained” after the attack. However, it’s unclear whether the animals were taken into custody. Carew said animal control and the department’s Special Victims Unit were called to investigate. Reports show the woman also suffered severe injuries in the attack.

It is also unclear what led to the attack and if the owner will be charged.

Semaj turned 7 months old on Nov. 5 in the hospital. His family said he was a healthy and happy baby before the tragedy. He had just celebrated his first Halloween three days before he was mauled.

“His life has not even started and it’s already been traumatized,” she said.

Semaj’s mother said he is on a “long road to recovery” and it has been an “uphill battle” for his family. She has reportedly not left her baby’s side at his hospital bed. The family has asked the public for prayers and has launched an online fundraiser for donations.

“Every day is a fight for him,” his aunt said. “Every day is something different. He is still critical in the NICU.”

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