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‘How Did Phaedra Go from Southern Belle, Lawyer of Two Boys to Nipple Pasties’: Phaedra Parks Receives Critiques for Birthday Outfit

One thing fans of Phaedra Parks can count on her to do is remind folks she’s a classy, Southern Belle. 

However, many have begun to question Parks’ poshness after a video of her dropping it low in revealing clothing found its way to Instagram, courtesy of a man who spent time on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” as what some fans would consider to be the show’s original messy husband: Peter Thomas

Phaedra Parks (Pictured @peterthomasrhoa/Instagram)

Thomas and Parks linked up the weekend of Oct. 29/39 at his Miami Beach bar in celebration of her 49th birthday. The bar owner uploaded two videos to his Instagram account, where viewers could clearly see Parks cutting up in her cut-out, lace-up shirt with nothing but nipple patches underneath. 

The former peach holder was feeling herself as she body rolled for Thomas’ camera once she realized he was recording her. 

“You never know when life is going to throw you a knuckleball, here it is, love life one day at a time @phaedraparks have a great birthday weekend, I got you @baronemiamibeah” Thomas captioned his videos. 

It wasn’t long before social media sites were posting the videos and people started to cast out judgment toward Parks for not maintaining her “good girl” image. 

“This is disturbing. How did Phaedra go from southern belle, lawyer and mother of two boys to nipple pasties and Chaka Khan wig while dropping it like it’s hot with Peter Thomas…SO CONFUSED @PhaedraParks @PeterThomasRHOA @RHOATL”

“Phaedra really had us fooled, once again nene & kandi were telling the whole truth”

Not all fan comments were against Parks’ raunchy outfit. Many defended the attorney’s outfit choice and expressed that there’s nothing wrong with her letting loose in order to have a little fun.  

“She’s having fun and looking good af doing it. Y’all so miserable.”

“She’s enjoying herself. We should all be free to enjoy life sometimes”

During her time on “RHOA,” Parks always prided herself on being a woman of elegance. Her voice never rose into anything above a stern tone whenever she would have an altercation with one of the ladies, and her hands reportedly never touched another lady’s body. 

While the video of Parks may come as a surprise to some, many believe the mom of two is allowed to have some fun, even if she describes herself as classy. 

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