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‘I Don’t Sing That Low Though’: Toni Braxton Responds to Kelly Rowland’s Impression of Her Singing

Whether it’s her low tone or her youthful beauty, fans are always talking about R&B singer Toni Braxton. Most attempt to imitate her deep singing voice, which received early co-signs from industry vets like Babyface and L.A. Reid. The seven-time Grammy winner has sold millions of records with her sexy, sultry voice and tone. And at 55 years old, she is still regarded as one of the greatest voices in R&B music.

On Sunday, Oct. 23, the “Braxton Family Values” star shared an Instagram clip of Kelly Rowland‘s appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” last week. Hudson asked the former Destiny’s Child singer to give her best impression of another musician.

Toni Braxton shares a new photo in celebration of her 55th birthday earlier this month. (Photo: @tonibraxton/Instagram.)

Fans in the audience immediately began screaming out, “Toni.” Rowland called Braxton “goals” after hesitantly attempting to sing her song “Un-Break My Heart” in the same tone.

“Thanks so much for the love, sis! I don’t sing that low though… or maybe I do,” Braxton captioned the video.

Fans in the comments continued praising Braxton’s voice and reminding her that her singing voice has been uniquely low and “sexy.”

“You definitely do lol we love it though auntie Toni!!!”

“You do Ms. Toni but that what makes your voice so distinctive and beautiful.”

“Toni quit playing!! Lol you’re the queen of low and sexy.”

“Girl yes you do! That’s why nobody can ever replace you lol your voice is unmatched and you’ll always be THE Toni Braxton LIVING LEGEND.”

“Toni Michelle Braxton I love you but you do sing low. Have you heard you? Lol.”

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Toni Braxton (L) and Kelly Rowland (R). Photo by Jeff Kravitz/AMA2019/FilmMagic for dcp, Unique Nicole/Getty Images

Braxton’s distinctively deep voice sets her apart from other female R&B singers who started in the 1990s. The legendary entertainer told The Guardian she discovered she could sing as a teenager. But she discovered her deep tone even younger than that.

“I didn’t realise I could sing until my teenage years. Singing was so much a part of me and my family. We got up, we sang, we went to bed. I think at elementary school I realised I had a different tone,” Braxton shared. “My voice was always low. I remember everyone in class singing ‘Joy to the World,’ and I was the only one who couldn’t sing it in the key. I was always the kid in the room with the low voice that made you turn around,” she added.

There were plenty of remarks and commentary about her low singing voice and there still are now. The most common is those who say Braxton sounds like a man. The hitmaker initially doubted her skills early in her career, despite comparisons to Anita Baker and others.

She told NBC News, “There were moments in the beginning that I probably second guessed my talent, but I always knew that I could move people with the emotion in my voice. I have a uniquely styled voice and when you hear my sound, immediately you know that it’s me and that equals longevity in business, so I’m fortunate.”

She said, “There wasn’t a lot of people I could sing like or aspire to be like when around when I was younger. Once Anita Baker came along, she was perfect for me. Michael McDonald too, even though he was older, he was a male vocalist whose notes I could really hit. I had to sneak to listen to him but I remember him being an inspiration.”

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