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‘Are Those Bell Bottoms? With the High Ankle Split?’: Janet Jackson’s Birthday Video with Tyler Perry Derails When Fans Get Distracted by His Outfit

Janet Jackson took time out of her day to wish Tyler Perry a happy birthday in a comical throwback video that showed Perry dancing backstage at what seemed to be Jackson’s show minutes before she hit the stage

In the video, Perry — who was wearing a maroon shirt with a maroon leather jacket and maroon slacks with miniature slits going down the side — can be seen walking up to Jackson — who looked pretty comfortable in her relaxed gear and large puffer jacket — before pulling her in for a warm embrace. 

“It’s so good to see you,” Jackson stated as she and the ‘Madea” creator released each other. 

“You ready?” Perry asked, and he quickly answered his own question stating, “I’m ready to —” 

Before Jackson knew it, Perry began dancing right before her eyes as his hands created a square box formation that matched his legs movement, which referenced Jackson’s “Control” dance choreography. 

“Sending u lots of LUV today @tylerperry” Jackson captioned her video. 

Many gathered under the “Rhythm Nation” vocalist’s page and gushed over her relationship with Perry. 

“This is so wholesome!”

“I adore you too, happy birthday Tyler!”

The video of the queen of pop and Tyler was re-posted online to other sites, however, fans were so distracted by Perry’s outfit that comments began to surround him favoring the dance character emoji on iPhone rather than “happy birthday” comments.

“It’s the fact that his outfit matches the dance emoji [laughing emoji] [dance emoji]”

“Are those bell bottoms? With the high ankle split? [laughing emoji]”

“Them lil ankle slits made me miss the dang ole dance”

Perry and Jackson go way back, their friendship began in 2006 after the NAACP Image award-winning filmmaker cast the Grammy winner in his film “Why Did I Get Married?”.

Perry, who turned 52 on Sept. 13, and Jackson have had a long-lasting friendship in the industry and continue to support and show love toward each other. 

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