‘Leave the Quinceañera Dress for a Teenager’: Phaedra Parks Checks Model Chanel Ayan for Deeming Her Worst-Dressed ‘Housewive’

An epic showdown between a star from “The Real Housewives of Dubai” and one OG from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” took place at New York’s BravoCon event. 

Chanel Ayan and Phaedra Parks came face to face this weekend during a panel discussion with Andy Cohen and other ‘Housewives.’ The two have been at odds since Parks made a guest appearance on season one of “RHODubai,” not to mention, the subliminal shade during press interviews and Ayan joining season two. These two ladies just can’t get along.  

The Neighborhood Talk captured a clip of a fan asking Ayan who had the worst fashion style on Sunday, Oct. 16. She said Phaedra, which caused the crowd to boo the reality star. A few others gave her a thumbs down in the video.

Phaedra Parks looks stunning posing at the second- annual BravoCon event in New York. (Photo: phaedraparks/Instagram.)

The queen of shade Parks clapped back with a reference to Ayan’s career as a fashion runway model, stating, “I own most of my clothes.” 

Ayan rose from her seat on the far right and walked to the center stage wearing a lime green ball gown. She said, “I get paid by one of the biggest celebrity designers right now to wear and advertise. So I’m here working and making money b——.” 

While the crowd let out a few oohs and awwws, Parks patiently waited until the crowd simmered down before adding, “Well, you should have told them to leave that Quinceañera dress for a teenager.”

Fans in the audience began cheering, whistling and jumping up and down while chanting “Phaedra, Phaedra.” A shocked Cohen said, “This is the best Sunday of my life,” toward the end of the video.

Meanwhile, fans in the comments section shared the same sentiment with the “Covenant” actress and gave her flowers for such a quick read. 

“You willl Never out read @phaedraparks,” wrote Marlon Hampton, the newest peach holder on “RHOA.” Parks responded to the celebratory messages with the laughing emoji followed by books and the crown emoji. Here’s what others had to say. 

“Better stawp playing with PhaePhae.. she is not fa play play.”

“One thing about SHADY PHAE PHAE, she’s gonna give a good ole NASTY read.”

“Please don’t play with Ms. Parks.”

“Yessssssssssss Phaedra get her!!!!”

“Scorpio’s are so quick and slick with their mouths.”

Some say the clapback proves exactly why the Southern belle was a fan favorite on “RHOA” after joining in 2010. But she was fired in 2017, for falsifying a story involving Kandi Burruss. But a handful still requested her return to the show. 

“Andy loves him some Phaedra bring her back to ‘RHOA please!” wrote one person. Another individual acknowledged that “She has given RHOA some of its most memorable one-liners.”

A third said, “Lmao Andy please bring back Phaedra!” 

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