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Issa Rae Blushes as Usher Gives Her a ‘Superstar’ Serenade During His Vegas Show. Fans Can’t Help But to Bring Up Her Husband: ‘If I were Issa’s Husband, She’d Never Be Allowed to Listen to Usher Again’

Issa Rae’s wins have become a task to keep up with! The “Insecure” creator lived a lot of women’s dreams recently when she found herself at the center of Usher’s gaze. 

While in Las Vegas, Rae attended the Grammy Award-winning artist’s “My Way” show. Since his residency began in 2021, Usher has brought a handful of celebrity women on stage as he performed his “8701” track “Superstar.”

Usher serenades Issa Rae during his Vegas residency, “My Way.” Photo: Hooraemedia/Instagram

Most noticeably, actress Taraji P. Henson made the most of her moment when she twirled and canoodled during the serenade. But now Rae can add her name to the star’s list of lucky ladies. “The Lovebirds” actress was a good sport and coyly smiled as Usher led her to the stage. At times, she did a little two-step dance, held Usher’s hands, and hugged him, all the while never breaking her smile.

Fans taking in the moment on social media were floored by the seemingly smitten Rae. Many of them could not help but mention of actress’ husband. “You can literally see her feeling all the emotions at one time lmao. Like ‘I’m married but my 14yr old self is saying girl, lean into it for me plz,’” read one person’s comment. 

“Issa showing ALL her teeth in that video I know her husband feeling a way,” wrote another. A third commented, “Issa had that ‘Damn I got a husband now’ look.” And a fourth jokingly wrote, “She finna go home & rap in the mirror about what was going through her mind.”

Elsewhere online, tweets about Rae’s husband’s possible reaction were plenty. “If I were Issa’s husband, she’d never be allowed to listen to Usher again,” tweeted one user.

Someone else tweeted, “Issa husband might as well just leave this alone cause I know if it was ME,?, a whole scene would have occurred. I would just have to see my husband after this lol.”

Another person noted that Rae’s husband had nothing to worry about, but that it likely would not stop him from glaring at Usher. “Aint no way [laughing emoji] I’m sure Issa mad loyal, but her husband had to have been sitting somewhere lookin at Usher like…”

This past July, Rae announced her marriage to her longtime beau Louis Diame. In a series of photos posted to her Instagram, she showed off her white custom Vera Wang gown and her suited husband. She captioned the images as an “impromptu photo shoot,” that left fans stunned and in awe of her special moment. 

She later explained her motive for breaking the big news in that manner when she said, “I still try to be private about my personal life, but that was something that I knew was going to be shared, and I just wanted to share it on my own terms.”

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