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‘My Mom is Definitely One of the Most Perfect Representations’: Kevin Hart Opens Up About Why He Considers Black Women as His Biggest Inspiration

Kevin Hart recently disclosed during an interview with Essence magazine why he considers Black women to be his biggest motivator. 

Hart, who is currently on his “Reality Check” comedy tour, told the outlet on Oct. 12 while in Philadelphia that he claimed Black women inspire him because of their fight and drive to achieve not only equality in the workplace but also their goals. 

Hart said, “There’s an ongoing conversation about equality — rightfully so — as attached to growth in the corporate world the opportunities women of color deserve. So I think what I love the most [about Black women] is the fight. You’re looking at some of, if not the strongest people on the planet. Not just in having a voice but having desire.”

The 43-year-old continued the conversation by mentioning his late mother, Nancy Hart. Hart said, “I can say as a Black man who was raised by a Black woman, seeing her firsthand set goals and check those goals off her list has done nothing but motivate me to be the man I am today.”

He added, “So that level of inspiration, motivation, and focus…it came from something that’s been embedded in me. And my mom is definitely one of the most perfect representations of a Black woman.”

Hart, who has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades, got his start in 2001 when he was given a recurring role on Fox’s “Undeclared.” The half-hour sitcom follows the lives of six college freshmen and the tribulations they faced attending a fictional college called the University of North Eastern California. Hart portrayed the character Luke.

Since then, the father of four has produced and starred in countless projects while making millions of dollars at the box office, and through comedy shows and business deals. Hart’s most recent business venture included opening a vegan fast-food restaurant called Hart House. Hart House is located in Los Angeles, California. 

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