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Mystery: A 5-Year-Old Who Only Spoke Creole Was Dropped Off at a Florida Elementary School, But No One Knew Who He Was or Who His Parents Were

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office is investigating how a 5-year-old boy was dropped off at the Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, Park Lakes Elementary School despite not being registered as a student.

According to police reports, the young child was left at the school on Monday, Oct. 3, around 9:04 a.m., but the administration of the school had no clue who he was. Even when deputies engaged the youngster, trying to pull clues of his identity, they were “unable to ascertain his first or last name or the names of his parent(s)/guardian,” the Miami Herald reports.

The BSO Spokesperson Gerdy St. Louis gave a little information about the boy as the community went on high alert trying to locate his parents, WSVN stated.

“From my understanding, the child speaks Creole, and we had had multiple people speak to him in Creole. However, he is not providing us his name or the name of his parents,” St. Louis said, before sharing that the boy was being cared for by the Child Protective Investigation Section.

It has not been revealed the nationality or ethnicity of this child, however by mentioning he spoke Creole, many believe he may be of Haitian ancestry.

The agency took to social media, posting the young man’s photograph, hoping to locate a family member, tweeting, “The child doesn’t appear to be registered at the school & deputies are unable to locate his parent(s)/guardian.”

The boy’s parents were found later in the day, around 2 p.m. The BSO said though they found the child’s parents, “the incident remains under investigation.”

The CPIS is leading the investigation of this peculiar circumstance.

The incident comes a week after the Miami-Dade, Broward County Public schools closed their doors as safety precautions for Hurricane Ian as it approached Florida.

School district officials released a statement saying schools would be closed on Wednesday, Sept. 28, and reopened on Thursday, Sept. 29.

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