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‘That Would Explain Why He Left ‘SNL’: Twitter Reacts to Kenan Thompson’s Estranged Wife Dating ‘SNL’ Former Cast Member Chris Redd

Fair or foul play? A few months back, Kenan Thompson filed for divorce from his partner of 11 years, Christina Evangeline. The pair has been secretly separated for years and now Thompson’s estranged wife is reportedly dating his former “Saturday Night Live” co-star Chris Redd.

According to TMZ, Redd and Evangeline made their relationship “official within the past year, and there was no overlap or cheating when it happened.” 

Thompson and Evangeline married in 2011 and share two children. Meanwhile, Thompson and Redd have been working together side by side on NBC’s “SNL” for six years. Redd also played his brother on Thompson’s canceled television series, “Kenan.” 

Sources told the outlet that the comedian is aware of his ex’s romance with Chris and has no hard feelings. He is reportedly moving on and dating other people. 

News of their relationship follows last week’s announcement that Redd would not be returning for the 48th season of “SNL.” Fans on social media are speculating Kenan got Redd fired from the show, while others are suggesting he left on his own accord to pursue other projects.

“That would explain why he left SNL,” said one fan on Twitter. Another tweeted, “Wait, so, Chris Redd’s punk-a– is dating his (former) colleague and friend’s ex-wife? No way that this has nothing to do with his departure from ‘SNL.’ Man, Kenan f—–g cast him in his show. You can’t trust no one these days. F— him!”

A third commentator said, “So Chris Redd didn’t leave SNL to pursue other projects, he left because he is currently dating Christina, Kenan Thompson’s ex wife. I did NOT have this on my gossip bingo card for 2022.

A fourth person wrote, “Chris Redd been creeping? NOW, I know why he shows ever tooth when he smiles taken pictures with Kenan.”

A few were shocked, to say the least, at Redd for dating the soon-to-be-ex-wife of his co-star, noting that Thompson and Evangeline have not officially divorced. Some joked the “All That” star might take a suggestion from Will Smith, who slapped Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife, at the Oscars.

“They ain’t even divorced yet, lol this is so messy,” said one person. “Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson are gonna have a The Slap moment in the next month.”

TMZ broke the news of Thompson and Evangeline’s separation in April, with Thompson filing for divorce weeks later in May. The former couple has agreed to joint custody of their two daughters, Gianna, 3, and Georgia, 7. 

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